Spellfire TCG General Information

There was a No Edition of Spellfire released, which was made available to be obtained in only two ways, and only in deck format. You could either buy it directly from the TSR Castle within GenCon ’94. The other was based on an offer made by TSR. You send them 60 magic cards, and they would send you a no-edition double deck.

Release Date Edition / Booster Special Features
???? 1994 No Edition Only through mail-in or during the GenCon event
June 1994 1st Edition First AD&D champions
August 1994 Ravenloft Rule Cards, Limbo, Power Activation
August 1994 2nd Edition 20 rares replaced from 1st Edition
September 1994 Dragonlance Racial definitions, swimmers, earthwalkers
November 1994 Forgotten Realms
May 1995 Artifacts Darksun-oriented
September 1995 Powers Avatar champion
October 1995 3rd Edition 20 additional rares replaced from 2nd Edition
December 1995 The Underdark Attack-oriented
February 1996 Runes & Ruins Unarmed combat cards
May 1996 Birthright Regents and blood abilities
July 1996 4th Edition Strengthened previous key cards
July 1996 Draconomicon Dragon-oriented
September 1996 Nightstalkers Undead-oriented
October 1997 Dungeons Dungeon card
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