Shadowrun Cardlist

Name Set Rarity Base Stat $ Type Sub-type Sub-sub-type Skill 1 Skill 2 Skill 3 Skill 4 Trait 1 Trait 2 Trait 3 Notes
Ambused En Route O C Challenge Sleaze Firearms-2 Piloting Street Vehicle Outdoor
Ambush O U 6/6 Challenge Both Leadership Personnel
Ancients Turf O U 7/4 Challenge Both Piloting-2 Streetwise-3 Outdoor Street Personnel
Anti-Astral Barrier O R Challenge Sleaze Conjure-2 Sorcery Misc.
Astral Sentry O U 0/10 Challenge Both Conjure-2 Awakened
Barney Phyffe O R Challenge Sleaze Social Stealth Personnel
Basilisk O C 6/5 Challenge Both Stealth-2 Outdoor Awakened
Booby Trap O C Challenge Sleaze Demolitions Misc.
Chomps-2000 Guard Dog O U 6/2 Challenge Both Social-2 Awakened
Corpselight O C Challenge Sleaze Leadership Outdoor Awakened
Custom System O R Challenge Neither Misc.
Double Jeopardy O U Challenge Neither Misc.
Electrified Fence O C 0/10 (A2) Challenge Both Streetwise Technical Electrical Barrier
Elite Security Guards O U 5/7 (A1) Challenge Both Stealth Social-2 Indoor Personnel
Elite Security Mage O R 5/5 (A1) Challenge Both Stealth Sorcery-2 Indoor Personnel
Eyekiller O U 5/4 Challenge Fight Outdoor Awakened
Feeding Ghouls O C 5/10 Challenge Both Stealth-2 Streetwise Indoor Awakened
Flock of Geese O R Challenge Neither Outdoor Awakened
Free Spirit O U 4/10 Challenge Fight Awakened
Fusion Gate O U 0/10 (A2) Challenge Both Technical-2 Electrical Barrier
Guardian Dracoform O R 12/10 (A3) Challenge Fight Awakened
Guardian Earth Elemental O R 12/10 Challenge Both Conjure-3 Awakened
Guardian Fire Elemental O R 10/12 Challenge Both Conjure-3 Awakened
Gut Check O C Challenge Neither Misc.
Halloweener Hell O U Challenge Sleaze Social-2 Streetwise-2 Street Personnel
Heavy Sentry Gun O R Challenge Both Firearms-2 Technical Electrical Barrier
Hellhound O R Challenge Both Stealth-2 Awakened
Hellish Traffic O C Challenge Sleaze Piloting-2 Streetwise-2 Street Vehicle Outdoor
Highway Showdown O R Challenge Sleaze Piloting Gunnery-2 Vehicle Outdoor
Hit and Run O C Challenge Sleaze Athletics-2 Streetwise Outdoor Street
Hunting Gargoyles O U Challenge Both Conjure-2 Sorcery-2 Outdoor Awakened
Incubus O R Challenge Sleaze Leadership Awakened
Integrated Control Center O U Challenge Neither Misc.
Killer Drone O R Challenge Both Athletics Technical Electrical
Knight Errant Guards O U Challenge Both Stealth-2 Personnel
Lone Star Patrol O C 6/6 (A2) Challenge Both Stealth Streetwise-2 Street Personnel Vehicle
Mafia Goons O U Challenge Sleaze Stealth-2 Street
Mage Strike Force O U 6/6 (A1) Challenge Both Stealth Sorcery-2 Personnel
Maglocks O C Challenge Neither Indoor Electrical Barrier
Manticore O U 8/9 Challenge Both Athletics Stealth-2 Awakened
Mine Field O C Challenge Neither Misc.
Motion Detectors O R Challenge Sleaze Stealth Technical Electrical
Nets O C Challenge Neither Barrier
Poison Gas Trap O U Challenge Sleaze Streetwise Technical Electrical
Razorhead Turf O U 7/7 (A1) Challenge Both Streetwise-2 Street
Retinal Scanner O C Challenge Neither Indoor Electrical Barrier
Runners on Retainer O R 8/8 (A1) Challenge Both Social-2 Streetwise-2 Street
Sabotaged Controls O U Challenge Sleaze Technical Piloting-2 Outdoor Vehicle
Security Camera O C Challenge Sleaze Stealth-2 Electrical
Security Consultant O U Challenge Neither Personnel
Security Decker O R Challenge Neither Personnel
Security Drone O C 6/7 (A1) Challenge Both Leadership Stealth Electrical
Security Guards O C 5/6 Challenge Both Social-2 Personnel
Security Rigger O R Challenge Sleaze Leadership Social Personnel
Sentry Gun O C 6/8 (A1) Challenge Both Firearms Stealth Electrical
Sim Sensation O U Challenge Neither Misc.
Steppin’ Wulf Ambush O R 9/7 (A2) Challenge Both Melee-3 Outdoor Street
Street Scum O C 3/9 Challenge Both Firearms-3 Melee-3 Sorcery-3 Street Outdoor
Swarm of Drones O U 3/12 (A1) Challenge Both Athletics-2 Outdoor Electrical
The Big Chase O R Challenge Sleaze Piloting-2 Streetwise Street Vehicle Outdoor
The Funhouse O U 6/8 Challenge Fight Indoor Street
Time Delayed Bomb O R Challenge Sleaze Athletics Technical-2 Demolitions Misc.
Toxic Spirit O U 8/10 Challenge Fight Awakened
Voiceprint I.D. O C Challenge Sleaze Technical Social-2 Indoor Electrical Barrier
Yak Attack O C 7/5 Challenge Both Leadership-2 Social-2 Street
Genetic Monstrosity U C Challenge Both Technical-2 Indoor
Lone Star Beat Cops U C 6/6 (A2) Challenge Sleaze Social-2 Personnel
Lone Star Crowd Control U C Challenge Fight Outdoor
Lone Star K9 Unit U U 5/20 Challenge Both Streetwise-2 Awakened
Lone Star Tracker Drone U U 5/6 Challenge Neither Misc.
Mafia Interests U C Challenge Both Streetwise-2 Street
Meet the Family U U 5/7 Challenge Both Leadership Social Streetwise Personnel Street
Pressure Plates U C 5/4 Challenge Neither Electrical
Scatterbrain Raid U U Challenge Sleaze Leadership-2 Personnel Street
Widow’s Trap U R Challenge Neither Indoor
Yakuza Assassin U R 6/6 (A1) Challenge Both Melee-2 Social Indoor
Yakuza Hit Squad U U Challenge Sleaze Leadership-2 Streetwise-2 Street Vehicle
Yakuza Street Thugs U C 8/5 Challenge Fight Personnel Street
Bounty Hunter O C 3 Contact
Corporate Secretary O C 0 Contact Human
Elven Hitman O C 0 Contact Elf
Fringe Surgeon O U 2 Contact Human
Gang Leader O U 0 Contact
Humanis Policlub Ganger O R 4 Contact Human
Media Chick O C 1 Contact Human
Mr. Black O U 3 Contact Human
Mr. Johnson O C 3 Contact Human
Shopping Cart Lady O U 2 Contact Human
Squatter O R 0 Contact Human
Talismonger O U 4 Contact Human
The Fat Man O R 6 Contact Mafia
Troll Bouncer O U 2 Contact
Yoshimo Chang O R 3 Contact Yakuza
Lone Star Sergeant U R 3 Contact Lone Star
Lone Star Snitch U C 1 Contact Lone Star
Ninja Guard U R 5 Contact Yakuza
Shady Manager U U 4 Contact Street
Street Kid U U 0 Contact Street
Ally Spirit O C +1/+2 4 Gear Spirit
Ares Predator O C +3/+0 4 Gear Ranged Weapon Heavy Pistol
Armor Skin O U 2 Gear Matrix Defense Program
Armor Spell O U (A+2) 4 Gear Spell
Armored Vest O C (A+1) 1 Gear Armor D6 after each use: 4+: trash; may be used with Lined Coat
Armor-piercing Ammo O R 3 Gear Accessory Ammo Treat armored targets as unarmored targets
Astral Sense O C 2 Gear Spell
Automated Patrol Vehicle O U 6/8 (A1) 6 Gear Drone
Beretta O U +2/+1 2 Gear Ranged Weapon Medium Pistol
Black Hammer O C 2 Gear Matrix Attack Program
Bolt of Power O C 1 Gear Spell
Browse O C 2 Gear Matrix Program
Bulldog Van O U (A+1) 4 Gear Vehicle Outdoor
Bullet Barrier O R (A1) 2 Gear Spell
Camo O R 1 Gear Matrix Program
Ceska V120 O C +2/+0 2 Gear Ranged Weapon Medium Pistol
Chipjack 1 O C 1 Gear Cyberware -1 Essence
Chipjack 2 O U 2 Gear Cyberware -2 Essence
Chipjack 3 O R 3 Gear Cyberware -3 Essence
City Spirit O U 6/6 2 Gear Spirit
Cortex Bomb O R 3 Gear Cyberware -2 Essence; if user dies, 5 dmg to each Runner/Challenge present
Crash O R 7 Gear Matrix Program
Crawler Patrol Drone O C 1/3 2 Gear Drone
Cyberarm O C +2/+0 2 Gear Cyberware -2 Essence
Defiance Shotgun O U +4/+0 3 Gear Ranged Weapon Shotgun
Defiance Taser O R +X/+0 4 Gear Ranged Weapon
Dermal Plating O U +0/+2 (A+1) 3 Gear Cyberware
Detect Enemy O C 3 Gear Spell
Doberman Patrol Vehicle O R 8/6 (A2) 8 Gear Drone
Doc Wagon (Gold) O U 2 Gear Misc.
Doc Wagon (Platinum) O R 5 Gear Misc.
Elemental O C 5/5 3 Gear Spirit
Evaluate O C 2 Gear Matrix Program
Explosive Rounds O C +2/+0 2 Gear Accessory Ammo
Extended Clip O U 1 Gear Accessory Runner can use 2 types of Ammo in a combat
Fairlight Excalibur O R 4 Gear Matrix Cyberdeck
Fireball O U 3 Gear Spell
Flechette Rounds O U 2 Gear Accessory Ammo Unarmored targets take double damage
FN HAR O U +3/+0 4 Gear Ranged Weapon Assault Rifle
FN Mag-5 O U +5/+0 5 Gear Ranged Weapon MMG
Foretelling O U 2 Gear Spell
Fuchi Cyber-6 O U 3 Gear Matrix Cyberdeck
Greater Elemental O R 8/8 5 Gear Spirit
Gyro Stabilizer O R 2 Gear Accessory Gunnery +1 Allows Runner w/o Gunnery to use weapons that require it
Hand Razors O C +1/+0 2 Gear Cyberware
Harley Scorpion O U +1/+0 (A+1) 2 Gear Vehicle Bike
Heal O U 5 Gear Spell
Heavy Armor (Full) O R (A+2) 6 Gear Armor Trash to avoid all damage taken in combat
Heavy Armor (Partial) O R (A+2) 4 Gear Armor D6 after each use: 5+: trash
Hellblast O R 5 Gear Spell
HK 227 O U +2/+0 3 Gear Ranged Weapon SMG
Hog O C 1 Gear Matrix Attack Program
Hunter Drone O C 5/5 4 Gear Drone
Ingram Valiant O U +3/+0 4 Gear Ranged Weapon LMG
Invisibility O C 3 Gear Spell
Katana O C +2/+0 2 Gear Melee Weapon
Laser Scope O U 1 Gear Accessory Firearms +1
Lined Coat O U (A+1) 2 Gear Armor D6 after each use: 5+: trash; may be used with Armored Vest
Lucky Wabbit’s Foot O R 5 Gear Misc.
Microskimmer O U 0/1 1 Gear Drone
Monofilament Whip O R +6/+0 4 Gear Melee Weapon
Muscle Replacement O U +2/+1 3 Gear Cyberware
Nature Spirit O U 6/6 2 Gear Spirit
Panther Assault Cannon O R +6/+0 6 Gear Ranged Weapon Assault
PRC-44b Yellowjacket O R +6/+0 (A+2) 6 Gear Vehicle Helicopter
Ranger Arms SM-3 O R +6/+0 3 Gear Ranged Weapon Sniper Rifle
Ranger X O U +2/+0 2 Gear Ranged Weapon Bow
Redirect Datatrail O R 1 Gear Matrix Program
Remington 750 O R +1/+0 2 Gear Ranged Weapon Sport
Roto-drone O C 7/3 4 Gear Drone
Ruger Super Warhawk O U +3/+0 3 Gear Ranged Weapon Heavy Pistol
Silencer O C 1 Gear Accessory Won’t trigger alarms if used
Skillsoft: Athletics O R 2 Gear Misc.
Skillsoft: Demolitions O R 2 Gear Misc.
Skillsoft: Firearms O C 2 Gear Misc.
Skillsoft: Gunnery O U 2 Gear Misc.
Skillsoft: Melee O C 2 Gear Misc.
Skillsoft: Piloting O R 3 Gear Misc.
Skillsoft: Social O U 2 Gear Misc.
Skillsoft: Stealth O R 3 Gear Misc.
Skillsoft: Technical O U 2 Gear Misc.
Sleaze O U 3 Gear Matrix Program
Sleep O U 3 Gear Spell
Smartgun Link O R 2 Gear Cyberware
Sony CTY-360 O C 2 Gear Matrix Cyberdeck
Steamroller O U 3 Gear Matrix Attack Program
Sticky Fingers O R 3 Gear Matrix Program
Stim Patch O C 2 Gear Misc.
Streetline Special O C +1/+0 0 Gear Ranged Weapon Light Pistol
Stun Gloves O R 3 Gear Melee Weapon
Uzi III O C +1/+0 2 Gear Ranged Weapon SMG
Vindicator Minigun O C +4/+0 4 Gear Ranged Weapon LMG
Walther Palm Pistol O U +1/+0 1 Gear Ranged Weapon Pistol
Watcher Spirit O C 3 Gear Spirit
Wired Reflexes O R 5 Gear Cyberware
Yamaha Rapier O C (A1) 2 Gear Vehicle Bike
Maglock Passkey O P 0 Gear Misc. Automatically sleazes Maglocks; D6: 5+: Sleazes Electrical/Barrier Challenges
Acid Mist U R 5 Gear Spell D6 ea. Gear present (except Magic), 4+ trash Gear
Baseball Bat U C +D6/+0 3 Gear Melee Weapon Trash if +D6 is 5 or 6
Black Credstick U R 1 Gear Misc. 1Y, add token, if D6 < tokens, frag user
Combat Fetishes U C 0 Gear Misc. Mage; Trash to add user’s Sorcery to a spell’s D6 roll
Dazzle U C 2 Gear Spell Remove Stealth from Sleaze requirement until end of run
Enviro Bodysuit U C 2 Gear Misc. Immune to virus tokens; D6 when damaged, trash on 6+
Fixed-Fire Cannons U C Burst Fire X Gear Accessory X: Deployment cost of drone/vehicle – 1, minimum 2Y
Handcuffs U U 3 Gear Misc. Lone Star; frag to arrest Runner in RvR combat
Heckler Spirit U R 4 Gear Spirit If no run, target Runner gets -1/-0 Insanity token; Runner may turn and D6 + Insanity tokens: 6+ trash Heckler
Jinx U U 4 Gear Spell D6: 1,3,5: Trash Electrical Challenge; 2,4,6: No effect
Jinx Spirit U U 5 Gear Spirit D6 ea. Electrical Challenge: 5+: trash Elec. Challenge; no Drones or Ranged Weapons may be used if present
Lone Star Drone U C 4/4 4 Gear Drone Rigger or Lone Star Runner
M11 Tommy Gun U C Burst Fire 2 Gear Ranged Weapon SMG Mafia Runners get +1 to Burst Fire roll
Poison U U 4 Gear Misc. Yakuza; Trash, D6: 1: User, Gear to hand; 2-3: no effect; 4-5: target Runner takes D6-1 AP dmg; 6+: Trash target Runner
Protective Spirit U C 5 Gear Spirit Cancel effect of Special, D6 each use: 3+ trash Spirit
Ram Spell U C 2 Gear Spell D6 + User’s Sorcery: 5+: Trash Barrier Challenge
Robo-Doc U C 0/1 4 Gear Drone Remove D6 dmg; roll D6, trash Robo-Doc on 4+
Shriek 1000 U U 3 Gear Drone Rigger; Trash Shriek and D6, prevent shadowrun on 3+
Shuriken U C 1 Gear Ranged Weapon Trash: 1 AP dmg to target Runner (2 if user is Yakuza)
Spell Lock U R 2 Gear Misc. Target Spell may be used twice in a turn
Switchblade U R +X/+0 2 Gear Melee Weapon X = melee of user; may be Stinger, trash if non-Ganger
The Big Rig U C 4 Gear Vehicle Trash to trash Barrier Challenge
The Brain U C 3 Gear Drone 1-3 Skillsofts, 1Y ea., can’t be swapped, turn to use skill
Wind Spirit U C 4 Gear Spirit Send user back to safehouse, D6 ea. use: 4+ trash Spirit
Ares Macrotechnology O R 4 Location HQ Corp
Aztechnology O R 3 Location HQ Corp
Caves of Halferville O C 3 Location Dwarf
Chop Shop O U 2 Location Street
Club Vortex O U 2 Location Club
Decker Coffeehouse O U 3 Location
Hermetic Library O U 3 Location
Renraku O R 3 Location HQ Corp
Saeder-Krupp O R 4 Location HQ Corp
Shadowland O R 3 Location Matrix
Sniper Roost O R 4 Location Street
The Festering Tusk O R 3 Location Bar Troll
The Hideaway O R 2 Location Street
The Iron Lung O C 3 Location Street
The Ork Underground O U 3 Location Ork
The Warehouse O C 2 Location
The Z-Zone O R 6 Location Street
Tir Tairngire O C 2 Location Elf
Fuchi Industries O P 4 Location Corp
Coffin Hotel U R 0 Location Street
Dante’s Inferno U C 3 Location Street
Leo’s Pawn Shop U C 1 Location Street
Lone Star HQ U C 4 Location HQ Lone Star
Lone Star Lock-up U C 4 Location Lone Star
The Black Market U U 3 Location Mafia
The Docks U U 2 Location Mafia
Genetics Lab U P 5 Location Street
Amazonian Hunt O U 40 Objective D6+4/D6+1 (A[D6-1])
Assassination O C 25 Objective
Cake Walk O U 10 Objective
Cermak Blast O C 25 Objective
Cleanse the Hive O R 40 Objective 11/11 (A3)
Courier Run O C 20 Objective
Critter Hunt O C 25 Objective D6+2/D6+3
Crossfire O U 25 Objective
Desert Hit O U 25 Objective
Dragon Hunt O R 40 Objective 10/10 (A3)
Dunkelzahn’s Black Book O R 40 Objective
Eco-war! O U 25 Objective 8/10 (A1)
Extraction O C 20 Objective
Fort Knocks O C 35 Objective
Fugitive Run O U 25 Objective
Fusion Run O U 30 Objective
Gang War O C 20 Objective
Harlequin’s Game O C 30 Objective
Haunted High-rise O C 25 Objective 6/9 (A3)
Impossible Mission O R 30 Objective
Kamikaze Run O R 20 Objective
Milk Run O C 10 Objective
Mob War! O C 30 Objective
Operation Cottonmouth O C 25 Objective
Operation Up and Over O U 30 Objective
Protect and Defend O C 20 Objective
Ragnarock O U 20 Objective
Robo-plant Revolt O C 25 Objective
Room 5B78 O R 35 Objective
Shadowplay O C 30 Objective
Site of Power O C 30 Objective 6/20 (A1)
Steal Wiz Softs O C 20 Objective
Sucker Run O C 0 Objective
Tiki Head Enigma O C 20 Objective
Urban Brawl O U 35 Objective
Wetwork O C 25 Objective
Bio-Lab Raid U C 30 Objective
Crime Wave U U 20 Objective
Hell House U U 15 Objective
Humanis Policlub Rally U U Objective
Mystic Testing Grounds U C 20 Objective
Nosferatu Den U U 35 Objective
Overseas Interests U C 25 Objective
Shipyard Showdown U C 25 Objective
Street Wars U C 25 Objective
The Doomsday Device U R 30 Objective
The Ghost Dance U C 25 Objective
The Initiation U R 20 Objective
The Vault U C X Objective X = 20 Reputation OR 20Y OR 10 Reputation & 10Y
Turf War U C 20 Objective
Wake the Dead U C 20 Objective
King of the Hill U P 30 Objective Unique
Ajax O C 3/3 5 Runner Rigger Human Demo Rigger Technical Stamina
Archie McDeven O R 4/3 4 Runner Detective Human Firearms Social 3Y: Turn to turn an unturned Runner
Bam Bam O R 6/8 (A1) 8 Runner Samurai Troll Gunnery Melee-2 1Y: Add Melee to Attack value
Caesar O R 3/4 3 Runner Decker Ork Decking Recon
Cannonball O C 5/6 6 Runner Mercenary Dwarf Firearms Gunnery Stamina
Cherry Bomb O U 5/6 7 Runner Mercenary Dwarf Demo Firearms Melee 5Y: Turn to trash target location
Clutch O R 3/4 4 Runner Rigger Dwarf Piloting Technical 2Y: Piloting+1 until end of turn (max Piloting-3)
Da’ Proffezur O R 7/6 (A1) 7/1 Runner Samurai Troll Melee-2 2Y: Technical (or 3Y for Technical-2) until end of turn
Dante O C 3/4 3 Runner Mage Dwarf Sorcery-2
D-Day O C 4/4 5 Runner Ganger Dwarf Gunnerty Melee +2/+0 when fighting personnel challenges
Dirk Montgomery O R 3/3 5/1 Runner Detective Human Stealth 3Y: Turn, search deck for Contact, show, add to hand
Dodger O R 3/4 6/1 Runner Decker Elf Decking-3 Stealth-2 Closed systems = normal systems; may only be targeted by specials on D6 of 4+
Domino O U 6/5 6 Runner Samurai Dwarf Firearms-2 Melee +0+1 to all Dwarfs running with Domino
Dr. Apocalypse O R 4/5 6 Runner Mage Dwarf Gunnery Sorcery Add +2 to spell damage inflicted by Dr. A.
Drake O R 4/5 6 Runner Mercenary Elf Demo Firearms Leader Melee Stamina
Fastjack O R 1/3 7/1 Runner Decker Elf Decking-4 Technical-4 4Y: Look at all Challenges on an Obj. and decide which order to encounter them
Ghost Who Walks O R 5/5 8/2 Runner Samurai Human Athletics Firearms-2 Melee-2 May not be targeted by specials
Glitz O C 3/2 4 Runner Rocker Elf Social Fame
Gore Tusk O C 7/8 (A1) 8 Runner Samurai Troll Firearms-2 Melee Anti-Social
Grandfather Bones O C 5/6 6 Runner Shaman Troll Conjure Melee
Grizzly O R 7/8 (A1) 9 Runner Mercenary Troll Firearms Gunnery Melee All Ammo given to Grizzly is free
Gutter Rat O R 3/4 4 Runner Shaman Human Conjure Streetwise Turn to place any trashed Gear card in your hand; frag the top 2 cards of your deck
Hatchetman O C 4/5 6 Runner Samurai Human Firearms Leader Melee Streetwise
Hawkwind O U 3/2 3 Runner Shaman Elf Conjure-2 Stealth Biotech
Highbrow O R 3/2 4 Runner Mage Elf Sorcery-2 Social 1Y: Turn to draw a card
Hollywood O C 2/2 3 Runner Decker Elf Decking Social-2 Turn to cancel the effects of target Runner’s Fame until the end of the turn
Ice Queen O R 2/2 3 Runner Decker Elf Decking-2 Recon Turn during owner’s legwork to force target opponent to lose 1Y
Iron Mike O R 4/6 7 Runner Mercenary Human Firearms-2 Gunnery Leader Melee
Jack Hammer O C 3/4 4 Runner Rigger Dwarf Demo Piloting Jack Hammer’s drones don’t suffer from fatigue.
Jack Skater O R 4/6 6/1 Runner Samurai Human Firearms Melee Jack has Leader equal to the number of Runners with him on a Shadowrun
Jackyl O C 5/5 6 Runner Mage Ork Sorcery Streetwise
Kham O R 5/6 8/1 Runner Mercenary Ork Firearms Gunnery All orks present with Kham get +1/+1
Knuckles O U 7/7 (A1) 8 Runner Bodyguard Troll Melee Stealth Guard
Kraker Jack O U 2/3 3 Runner Decker Human Decking-2 Firearms Recon Kracker Jack’s first pistol is free
Kromagnus O C 6/7 7 Runner Rocker Troll Athletics Melee Turn Kromagnus during owner’s legwork phase to receive 1Y
Lord Torgo O R 9/9 (A2) 9/2 Runner Ganger Troll Gunnery Leader Melee-3 Streetwise-2 Stamina Turn and pay XY to trash X elves in play
Macabre O U 4/4 5 Runner Samurai Human Athletics-2 Melee Stealth Macabre receives +1 to rolls made at The Iron Lung
Marek O R 4/4 5 Runner Mage Human Firearms Sorcery Streetwise 1Y: +1/+1 until end of turn
Moon Shadow O R 3/3 4 Runner Shaman Human Conjure Streetwise Biotech
Nightshade O C 3/4 4 Runner Mage Human Social-2 Sorcery
Orion O C 3/3 4 Runner Mage Elf Sorcery Streetwise
Pappy O R 3/4 4 Runner Shaman Dwarf Conjure-2 Leader-2 If Pappy dies, all dwarves present receive +1/+0 (A+1) until end of Shadowrun
Ravage O R 5/6 (A1) 7/1 Runner Samurai Human Athletics-3 Melee-2 Stamina Roll D6 after each combat Ravage survives, on 4+ Ravage inflicts damage a second time
Razorback O U 6/6 8 Runner Samurai Ork Athletics Firearms Melee-2 Trash Razorback to sleaze a Personnel Challenge
Reaper O U 6/7 8 Runner Mercenary Ork Athletics Firearms Gunnery Leader
Red Widow O U 5/4 6 Runner Samurai Elf Firearms Melee Stealth Turn to add Red Widow to owner’s Shadowrun in progress
Redline O C 4/3 4 Runner Ganger Elf Melee Piloting Redline’s first bike is free
Ripper O R 4/5 5 Runner Rocker Ork Melee Technical Turn, D6: 1-3 gain 2Y, 4-6 pay 2Y; if owner can’t pay, trash Ripper
Roadrash O C 4/4 5 Runner Rigger Ork Piloting-2 Pay -1Y for all vehicles given to Roadrash
Sally Tsung O R 3/3 6/1 Runner Mage Human Conjure-2 Sorcery-2
Sam the Sleuth O U 4/4 5 Runner Detective Dwarf Leader Stealth Streetwise-2
Scarecrow O U 4/5 4 Runner Mage Ork Sorcery-2 Trash one of his spells for Streetwise until end of turn
Scatter O R 2/3 5/2 Runner Shaman Ork Conjure-3 Anti-Social Pay 1/2 the cost (rnd up) of Scatter’s spirits
Scorpio O R 5/6 6 Runner Bodyguard Ork Firearms Leader Streetwise Guard Stamina
Shade O C 3/3 4 Runner Shaman Elf Athletics Conjure Shade’s first spirit is free
Shasta O C 2/3 3 Runner Mage Human Sorcery-2 Streetwise
Shellshock O C 6/7 8 Runner Mercenary Ork Firearms-2 Gunnery Pay -1Y for all assault/LMG/MMG given to Shellshock
Skag O R 4/5 3 Runner Shaman Ork Conjure Anti-Social
Skidz O U 6/6 7 Runner Rigger Troll Melee Piloting
Skwaaaark O R 8/8 (A2) 10 Runner Cyborg Troll Melee-3 Stamina Anti-Social May only use Gear/Cyberware cards, and all his Gear is free
Static O U 0/1 1 Runner Decker Human Decking-3 Technical Anti-Social Hermit Recon Can’t wear armor
Stilleto O U 3/4 4 Runner Ganger Human Melee-2 Stealth 2Y: give target runner stealth until end of turn
Stomper O C 6/7 (A1) 7 Runner Ganger Troll Melee-2 Stamina
Syn O C 4/5 5 Runner Ganger Ork Melee Streetwise
Tempest O R 4/3 4 Runner Mage Elf Leader Melee Sorcery-2 3Y: Turn to inflict 1 AP dmg on all Runners in play
The Mole O U 2/4 4 Runner Decker Dwarf Decking Technical Hermit Mole’s first cyberdeck is free
The Preacher O U 5/6 7 Runner Mage Troll Leader Melee Sorcery
Thrash O C 3/3 3 Runner Rocker Human Fame
Tin Man O R 5/5 (A1) 8 Runner Cyborg Dwarf Technical Stamina 1Y: +1/+1 until end of turn
Tinkerbell O U 3/2 3 Runner Rigger Elf Piloting Social Technical Can’t wear armor
Tiny O R 5/6 6 Runner Decker Troll Decking Recon Takes 1 AP dmg every time he uses Recon
Titan O R 6/6 (A1) 7 Runner Shaman Troll Conjure Melee Hermit Trash 1 spirit from Titan for Leader until end of turn
Turbo O C 3/4 4 Runner Ganger Human Firearms Piloting
Uncle Joe O U 3/2 3 Runner Mage Human Firearms Sorcery Built-in Chipjack-2
Viper O U 4/3 4 Runner Ganger Elf Firearms Stealth 3Y: Streetwise until end of turn
Wheeler O R 4/4 6/1 Runner Rigger Dwarf Leader Piloting-3 When deployed, give any Vehicle in deck at no cost
Wishbone O U 4/4 4 Runner Shaman Ork Conjure-2
Adam Bomb O P 2/3 3 Runner Rocker Dwarf Fame-2 D6 during Legwork: 5+ (or Adam dies): 5 dmg to all Runners & Challenges present
Flatline O P 3/6 (A1) 6 Runner Samurai Human Firearms-2 May use two pistols at once
Foxy Roxy O P 1/1 4 Runner Flirt Elf Social-4 Automatically sleazes any Personnel Challenge
Hatchetman 2057 O P 6/6 7 Runner Human Human Firearms Melee Unique Ignore essence loss & limb restrictions when giving Cyberware to Hatchetman 2057
Banzai U U 4/3 6 Runner Thug Ork Anti-Social Yakuza; Turn & frag Banzai, D6: 4+ trash target Runner
Bowser U U 5/5 6 Runner Thug Ork Melee Social Mafia; 1Y: Bowser is a Ganger until end of turn
Duncan U U 4/5 6 Runner Beat Cop Dwarf Streetwise-2 Lone Star; While on a Run, D may trash one just-revealed Street Challenge
Gizmo U C 2/3 4 Runner Ganger Human Piloting Hermit G may use Gear/Drone cards
Holmes U R 4/4 5 Runner Detective Ork Social Stealth Turn to give target Runner Hermit until his owner’s next End Phase.
Humbug U R 3/4 4 Runner Ganger Ork Anti-Social -2Y to Gear cards given to H (1Y min.) – can’t swap gear
Ivan U R 7/5 8 Runner Riot Cop Troll Lone Star; (A+2) to Ivan in Runner-Runner combat
Jade U U 2/2 3 Runner Agent Human Yakuza; 1Y: turn J to prevent target turned Runner from unturning on this turn
Loki U U 3/2 5 Runner Thug Elf Mafia; 1Y: Turn L to inflict 3 AP dmg on target turned Troll Runner
Longhorn U R 6/7 8 Runner Mercenary Troll Athletics Melee Place a +1/+0 Rage token on L each time he pulls out of a Run; if he participates in taking an Objective, remove all Rage tokens
Louie Da’Bruiser U R 6/6 (A1) 8 Runner Thug Troll Melee-2 Mafia; (A+X) where X is L’s melee; not cumulative with Gear/Armor cards
Lurker U C 3/3 5 Runner Mage Human Sorcery Stealth Anti-Social Invisibilty spells are free to L; can’t swap spells
Mendez U C 5/4 6 Runner Cop Ork Athletics Lone Star; 2Y: Turn to inflict 1 AP dmg on each Yakuza Runner in play
Mugsy U C 3/3 3 Runner Thug Human Social Mafia; When trashed a 5+ D6 returns M to owner’s hand (but his Gear is trashed)
Odysseus U U 7/7 7 Runner Samurai Troll Melee-2 Stamina Can’t use Ranged Weapons
Ro-Jin U R 4/5 6 Runner Bodyguard Dwarf Firearms Melee Streetwise Unique Guard Stamina Yakuza
Sancho U U 4/3 3 Runner Ganger Human +2/+2 to Sancho if owner has no metahuman Runners in play
Sisko U C 3/3 (A1) 4 Runner Detective Human Lone Star; Turn to prevent target Runner from being arrested
Skitz U U 3/4 5 Runner Ganger Human Melee-2 Stamina 2Y: Cancel any card effect that would send S back to the safehouse
Tenaka U C 3/3 4 Runner Agent Human Melee Yakuza; the 4 copy per deck limit does not apply to T
Tommygun U C 3/4 4 Runner Thug Dwarf Mafia; Add +1 to all of T’s Burst Fire rolls
Wildfire U R 2/2 5 Runner Mage Elf Sorcery-3 Lone Star; (A+1) for each Spell he’s holding (3 max.)
Abducted! O R 3 Special
All or Nothing O R 4 Special
Ambidextrous O R 2 Special
Bad Lunch O C 1 Special
Bad Reputation O U 0 Special
Bar Fight O U 0 Special
Blazing Guns O U 0 Special
Blindsided O R 3 Special
Block Party O U X Special X: Block party lasts 1 turn for every 5Y spent
Brain Freeze O R 2 Special
Bugged Deck O U 3 Special
Change of Plans O U 4 Special
Cover Up O U 1 Special
Cowards O R 3 Special
Cyber-psychosis O R 2 Special
Déjà vu O C 0 Special
Distraction O R 2 Special
Drive-by O U 3 Special
Even Steven O U X Special X = deployment cost of Contact
False Mentor O R 6 Special
Green Apple Quicksteps O C 2 Special
Infected Chrome O U 4 Special
Just a Rumor O R 4 Special
Knock Knock O R 2 Special
Loaded Dice O C 0 Special
Lofwyr’s Schemes O R 1 Special
Luck of the Irish O C 0 Special
Major Drain O R 3 Special
Matrix Crash O R 4 Special
Moonlighting O C 0 Special
No Way Out O U 1 Special
Rampaging Mutant O U 5 Special
Red Alert O R 6 Special
Reinforcements O U 2 Special
Ricochet! O U 0 Special
Riots O U 0 Special
Rough Night O U 1 Special
Rush Job O R 2 Special
Sudden Goblinization O R 2 Special
Suicide Run O R 3 Special
Tactics: Converge O R 3 Special
Tactics: Scatter O U 2 Special
Wanted O U 1 Special
Whoops! O U 2 Special
Wild Goose Chase O U 4 Special
Nerps! O P 3 Special
911 U C 0 Special
Ancients U C 3 Special
Arson U C 0 Special
Backdoor U R 4 Special
Bear Totem U U 1 Special
Better Offer U R 4/1 Special
Brain Fart U U 2 Special
Cement Shoes U R X Special X = deployment cost of target Runner
Conflicting Loyalties U C 0 Special
Copycat Syndrome U C X Special X = deployment cost of target Prime Runner
Dirty Cop U C 0 Special
Forced Attrition U C X Special X = 6-# of Runners present
Friend of a Friend U U 1 Special
Halloweeners U U 0 Special
In the Spotlight U C 1 Special
In-Fighting U C 5 Special
Innocent Bystander U U 1 Special
Intimidation U U 3 Special
Kilroy Wuz Here! U C 1 Special
Last Stand U R 6 Special
Leader of the Pack U R 3 Special
Lone Star Surveillance U C 4 Special
Lone Star Undercover U R 4 Special
Long Arm of the Law U U 3 Special
Metahuman Prejudice U R 2 Special
Moment of Clarity U R 0 Special
One of the Family U C 2 Special
Outstanding Performance U U 2 Special
Owl Totem U C 0 Special
Poor Craftsmanship U U X Special X = deployment cost of target Gear
Punch Drunk U C 1 Special
Rat Totem U C 1 Special
Razor Heads U C 2 Special
Retirement U C X Special X = deployment cost of target Prime Runner
Riot Foam U C 1 Special
Scatterbrains U U 2 Special
Secret Agenda U R 1 Special
Seppuku U U X Special X = deployment cost of target Yakuza Runner + 1
Shakedown U U 0 Special
Snake Totem U R 2 Special
Some Things Never Change U C 3 Special
Special Delivery U U 2 Special
Spreading the Disease U U 3 Special
Stand Aside! U C 0 Special
State of Confusion U R 2 Special
Street Violence U U X Special X = 6 – # of Ganger Runners controlled by target player
Stripdown U C 0 Special
Suicidal Tendencies U C 2 Special
Test of Honor U U 4 Special
The Big Break U U 0 Special
The Eternal Vow U C 2 Special
The Price of Fame U U 2 Special
Trogs U R 3 Special
Unstable Ally U U 1 Special
The Skills to Pay the Bills U P 0 Special
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