One Piece TCG – OP05 – Awakening of the New Era full cardlist

Card#Full NameRarity
OP05-001Sabo Leader
OP05-002Belo Betty Leader
OP05-003Inazuma Uncommon
OP05-004Emporio Ivankov Uncommon
OP05-005Karasu Rare
OP05-006Koala Super Rare
OP05-007Sabo Super Rare
OP05-008Chaka Uncommon
OP05-009Toh-Toh Common
OP05-010Nico Robin Uncommon
OP05-011Bartholomew Kuma Common
OP05-012Hack Common
OP05-013Bunny Joe Common
OP05-014Pell Common
OP05-015Belo Betty Rare
OP05-016Morley Rare
OP05-017Lindbergh Rare
OP05-018Emporio Energy Hormone Common
OP05-019Fire Fist Rare
OP05-020Four Thousand-Brick Fist Uncommon
OP05-021Revolutionary Army HQ Uncommon
OP05-022Donquixote Rosinante Leader
OP05-023Vergo Rare
OP05-024Kuween Common
OP05-025Gladius Common
OP05-026Sarquiss Common
OP05-027Trafalgar Law Uncommon
OP05-028Donquixote Doflamingo Common
OP05-029Donquixote Doflamingo Uncommon
OP05-030Donquixote Rosinante Rare
OP05-031Buffalo Common
OP05-032Pica Super Rare
OP05-033Baby 5 Common
OP05-034Baby 5 Rare
OP05-035Bellamy Common
OP05-036Monet Uncommon
OP05-037Because the Side of Justice Will Be Whichever Side Wins!! Rare
OP05-038Charlestone Common
OP05-039Stick-Stickem Meteora Uncommon
OP05-040Birdcage Common
OP05-041Sakazuki Leader
OP05-042Issho Rare
OP05-043Ulti Super Rare
OP05-044John Giant Common
OP05-045Stainless Common
OP05-046Dalmatian Common
OP05-047Basil Hawkins Common
OP05-048Bastille Uncommon
OP05-049Haccha Uncommon
OP05-050Hina Rare
OP05-051Borsalino Super Rare
OP05-052Maynard Common
OP05-053Mozambia Common
OP05-054Monkey.D.Garp Uncommon
OP05-055X.Drake Rare
OP05-056X.Barrels Common
OP05-057Hound Blaze Rare
OP05-058It's a Waste of Human Life!! Common
OP05-059Let Us Begin the World of Violence!!! Uncommon
OP05-060Monkey.D.Luffy Leader
OP05-061Uso-Hachi Uncommon
OP05-062O-Nami Uncommon
OP05-063O-Robi Common
OP05-064Killer Rare
OP05-065San-Gorou Common
OP05-066Jinbe Common
OP05-067Zoro-Juurou Rare
OP05-068Chopa-Emon Common
OP05-069Trafalgar Law Super Rare
OP05-070Fra-Nosuke Uncommon
OP05-071Bepo Rare
OP05-072Hone-Kichi Common
OP05-073Miss Doublefinger (Zala)Uncommon
OP05-074Eustass\Captain\"Kid" Super Rare
OP05-075Mr.1 (Daz.Bonez)Common
OP05-076When You're at Sea You Fight against Pirates!! Rare
OP05-077Gamma Knife Common
OP05-078Punk Rotten Uncommon
OP05-079Viola Uncommon
OP05-080Elizabello II Uncommon
OP05-081One-Legged Toy Soldier Uncommon
OP05-082Shirahoshi Rare
OP05-083Sterry Common
OP05-084Saint Charlos Common
OP05-085Nefeltari Cobra Uncommon
OP05-086Nefeltari Vivi Rare
OP05-087Hakuba Common
OP05-088Mansherry Rare
OP05-089Saint Mjosgard Common
OP05-090Riku Doldo III Common
OP05-091Rebecca Super Rare
OP05-092Saint Rosward Common
OP05-093Rob Lucci Super Rare
OP05-094Haute Couture Patch★Work Rare
OP05-095Dragon Claw Common
OP05-096I Bid 500 Million!! Uncommon
OP05-097Mary Geoise Common
OP05-098Enel Leader
OP05-099Amazon Uncommon
OP05-100Enel Super Rare
OP05-101Ohm Rare
OP05-102Gedatsu Rare
OP05-103Kotori Uncommon
OP05-104Conis Uncommon
OP05-105Satori Rare
OP05-106Shura Rare
OP05-107Lieutenant Spacey Common
OP05-108Nola Common
OP05-109Pagaya Common
OP05-110Holly Common
OP05-111Hotori Uncommon
OP05-112Captain McKinley Common
OP05-113Yama Common
OP05-114El Thor Uncommon
OP05-115Two-Hundred Million Volts Amaru Rare
OP05-116Hino Bird Zap Common
OP05-117Upper Yard Uncommon
OP05-118Kaido Secret Rare
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