Lorcana Card Creator – BETA

About the card creator

This is a beta, there are some known issues and stuff I’m working on

  • When your done editing, just right-click and save as.. NO data is stored on our servers. Once you close your browser tab, your card is gone!
  • Supported image types for custom art: jpg, gif, png, webp
  • Feedback is welcome! Just leave a reply at the bottom of the page or contact us through the socials, contact form, etc..
  • Generating a card is slow sometimes, be patient when it doesn’t load instantly
  • When you add Floodborn to the cardtypes, the creator automatically switches to the floodborn textframe
  • When you add Item to the cardtypes, the creator automatically switches to the item artframe
  • Big thanks to Martin “Whippet” for helping me out with the needed fonts and art assets!
  • When putting text between brackets, ( and ), it will automatically be transformed to Italics. Do note there are some restrictions! This only works for the Ability Effects text, and the text in the brackets needs to be at the end of line since everything after it will also change to Italics (which will be fixed at a later date)

To-Do List

  • Rarity Icons will be added
  • Need to fix the Snarfblatts graphics to remove the of-color square surrounding it
  • Centering of double-digit number is a bit off
  • Upgrade frames, icons and other imagery to higher-res versions
  • New dividers for flavor text will be added
  • The new card frame will be added

When you made something cool and share it with the world, don’t forget to tag us! We love to see you work. You can find us here: Twitter, FB Page, Insta

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