InaZuma Eleven TCG

If anyone has any more info on this game, please let me know:
I’m looking for info on what sets are available for this game, card lists, and rarity for each card. Below is all info I was able to gather until now…
There are 66 kinds of cards.
5 cards in 1 package & 24 packages in 1 box. a total of 120 cards.
Please note that you cannot necessarily get all the different cards from one box.
Copyright LEVEL-5/FC Inazuma Eleven, TV Tokyo
Copyright TOMY
– Football battle game that allows  you to enjoy the world of Inazuma Eleven!
– It can be enjoyed as trading cards, with a game system that a beginner can easily play.
– A lot of characters included from the animation lineup!

[All 60 cards]
~ Breakdown ~
· Inazuma Rare: 5 cards (foil stamping, holo paper, FVP processing)
· Super rare: 10 cards (holo paper, FVP processing)
· Rare: 20 cards
– Normal: 25 cards

[Parallel Rare: 6 types]
~ Breakdown ~
· Inazuma Rare: 3 cards, Super rare: 2 cards,
· Normal: 1 card

102 cards

GC-000/102.  La Terre
GC-001/102.  Rob Cardson
GC-002/102.  Colin Binder
GC-003/102.  Jude Sharp
GC-004/102.  Maxwell Cardson
GC-005/102.  Steve Grim
GC-006/102.  Kevin Dragonfly
GC-007/102.  Larry Pogue
GC-008/102.  Byron love
GC-009/102.  Nathan Swift
GC-010/102.  Malcolm Night
GC-011/102.  Maxwell Cardson
GC-012/102.  Victoria Vanguard
GC-013/102.  Steve Grim
GC-014/102.  Tim Saunders
GC-015/102.  Shawn Froste
GC-016/102.  Kevin Dragonfly
GC-017/102.  Shadow Cimmerian
GC-018/102.  Hurley Kane
GC-019/102.  Jude Sharp
GC-020/102.  Byron Love
GC-021/102.  Shawn Froste
GC-022/102.  Xavier Foster
GC-023/102.  Aquillina Schiller
GC-024/102.  Bellatrix
GC-025/102.  Shadow Cimmerian
GC-026/102.  Shawn Froste
GC-027/102.  Xavier Foster
GC-028/102.  ?
GC-029/102.  Xavier Foster
GC-030/102.  Instant Céleste
GC-031/102. ?
GC-032/102.  Tacle Glacial & Tacle Incendiaire
GC-033/102.  Loup Légendaire
GC-034/102.  Impact Nordique
GC-035/102.  Révolution V
GC-036/102.  Tir Puissance 3
GC-037/102.  Triangle de la Mort 2
GC-038/102.  Blizzard Enflammé
GC-039/102.  Sprint Eclair
GC-040/102.  Tour Parfaite
GC-041/102.  Manchot Spatial
GC-042/102.  Supernova
GC-043/102.  ?
GC-044/102.  Mark Evans
GC-045/102.  Mark Evans
GC-046/102.  Darren Lachance
GC-047/102.  Darren Lachance
GC-048/102.  Ben Blowton
GC-049/102.  Mark Evans
GC-050/102.  Ethan Withering
GC-051/102.  Erik Eagle
GC-052/102.  Jude Sharp
GC-053/102.  Claude Beacons
GC-054/102.  Nigel August
GC-055/102.  Axel Blaze
GC-056/102.  Ben Blowton
GC-057/102.  Jack Wallside
GC-058/102.  Mark Evans
GC-059/102.  Mark Evans
GC-060/102.  Brendan Firequest
GC-061/102.  Ethan Withering
GC-062/102.  Nigel August
GC-063/102.  Claude Beacons
GC-064/102.  Axel Blaze
GC-065/102.  Axel Blaze
GC-066/102.  Shawn Froste
GC-067/102.  Mains de l’Infini
GC-068/102.  Carbonisation
GC-069/102.  Tête Explosive
GC-070/102.  ?
GC-071/102.  Tir de Barrage
GC-072/102.  Scott Banyan
GC-073/102.  Keaton Brown
GC-074/102.  Scott Banyan
GC-075/102.  Connor Murray
GC-076/102.  Lancer de Planète
GC-077/102.  Thomas Feldt
GC-078/102.  Keith Powell
GC-079/102.  Hunt Mercer
GC-080/102.  Bobby Shearer
GC-081/102.  Mark Evans
GC-082/102.  Jude Sharp
GC-083/102.  Zack Cummings
GC-084/102.  Bobby Shearer
GC-085/102.  ?
GC-086/102.  Camouflage
GC-087/102.  Mur Temporel
GC-088/102.  Double Fusée
GC-089/102.  ?
GC-090/102.  Ben North
GC-091/102.  Lloyd Hailstone
GC-092/102.  Gary Lesnow
GC-093/102.  Ving rice
GC-094/102.  Dawson Foxx
GC-095/102.  Bryce Whitingale
GC-096/102.  Gary Lesnow
GC-097/102.  Ving rice
GC-098/102.  Dawson Foxx
GC-099/102.  Bryce Whitingale
GC-100/102.  Water Veil
GC-101/102.  Phénix Noir
GC-102/102.  ?