How many Godzilla MTG cards are there?

There are 26 different Godzilla cards for Magic: The Gathering, if you include the changed Godzilla: Void Invader and the Secret Lair Godzilla lands. Do note that the Godzilla: Space Corona card was renamed on Arena only, it was never printed!

Some of the cards are only available in Japanese, these are marked as such on the fully sortable checklist below.

MTG Godzilla cardlist

 Collector nr.NaamOriginal NameLanguageRaritySet
376Anguirus, Armored KillerGemrazerEnglishRareIkoria
372Babygodzilla, Ruin RebornPollywog SymbioteEnglishUncommonIkoria
386Battra, the Dark Destruction BeastDirge BatJapaneseRareIkoria
380Biollante, Plant Beast FormNethroi, Apex of DeathEnglishMythicIkoria
378Bio-Quartz SpacegodzillaBrokkos, Apex of ForeverEnglishMythicIkoria
374Destoroyah, Perfect LifeformEverquill PhoenixEnglishRareIkoria
382Dorat, the Perfect PetSprite DragonEnglishUncommonIkoria
379Ghidorah, King of the CosmosIlluna, Apex of WishesEnglishMythicIkoria
384Gigan, Cyberclaw TerrorGyruda, Doom of DepthsEnglishRareIkoria
375Godzilla, Doom InevitableYidaro, Wandering MonsterEnglishRareIkoria
275Godzilla, King of the MonstersZilortha, Strength IncarnateEnglishB-a-B PromoIkoria
377Godzilla, Primeval ChampionTitanoth RexEnglishUncommonIkoria
370King Caesar, Ancient GuardianHuntmaster LigerEnglishUncommonIkoria
381King Caesar, Awoken TitanSnapdax, Apex of the HuntEnglishMythicIkoria
387Mechagodzilla, the WeaponCrystalline GiantJapaneseRareIkoria
001Mechagodzilla, BattlefortressHangarback WalkerEnglishPromoIkoria
371Mothra, Supersonic QueenLuminous BroodmothEnglishMythicIkoria
385Mothra's Giant CocoonMysterious EggJapaneseCommonIkoria
383Rodan, Titan of Winged FuryVadrok, Apex of ThunderEnglishMythicIkoria
373Spacegodzilla, Death CoronaVoid BeckonerEnglishUncommonIkoria
373Spacegodzilla, Void InvaderVoid BeckonerEnglishUncommonIkoria (Arena only)
063Godzilla PlainsJapaneseRareSecret Lair
064Godzilla IslandJapaneseRareSecret Lair
065Godzilla SwampJapaneseRareSecret Lair
066Godzilla MountainJapaneseRareSecret Lair
067Godzilla ForestJapaneseRareSecret Lair
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