Warhammer 40.000: Tacticus Promo Codes

On this page you will find promo codes for Tacticus, a turn-based tactical RPG set in the Warhammer 40k Universe. New codes are added to the top of the list regularly. Please let us know when codes are expired, or when codes are missing, in the comments below!

MAYNEWS50bs + 5x adamantium lump
groku202425bs + 5xTanksmasha
ttt05mow50bs + 2000 coins + 1 Rq.Order
Skulls24300BS + 5000 coins + 1x Req.Order
KNIGHTS3K3000 coins + 5 Azrael Shards
Ninjon52000 coins + 50 blackstone
invictamay2000 coins + 50 blackstone
altervillain1k1000 coins + 5x Ahriman Shards
Actually 1 coin
MAYTHE4THStable Force Field + Motive Force Capacitator + 1000 coins
NANDIOVER9K15x Marneus Shards and 9000x coins
DBPREACHER2K2000 coins, 1 requisition order
KAGETACT5x Actus shards and 20 BS
ENHANCE50 bs and a bionic enhancement
Noticemedad20 Blackstone and 5x Ahriman shards
KAGE100010 Exitor-Rho shards + 1000 coins
SISYPHUS1 Requisition order + 50 blackstones
KRAETOR3K10 Ahriman shards + 3000 coins
DUCKFATBlessed Weapon Oils
LORDBUZZIS66k gold and 15 Neurotrope shards
skulls235000 coins, 300 blackstone and 1 requisition order
nox1ksons2x Thaumachus Shards, 2x Ahriman Shards, Legendary Chaos Orb
FRIENDLESS1 Magnus shard
TOUCHGRASS 1x First Aid Kit
ADMECH 5 Actus shards 1k gold
You5 Salvage
TYPHUSJACK 5 Typhus shards
TAKETHIS 1 energy
DARKSTRIDER5 Darkstrider shards 50 energy 50 bs
HELBRECHTJACK5 Hellbrecht shards
ahem1 Blackstone
badad50 Energy
BKRABNSJBrother Jaeger x5
CagedSlinky3K3000 Coins, 3x Aethana, 3x Eldryon, 3x Maugan Ra
caps5 raid tickers
ez3kielbot5krequisition order
fullgrimra3x ceremonial knife and 3x illusion imagafier and 3x forcefield amplifier
FXDNDJHDHQCommissar Yarrick
galaxy300 blackstone and 5000 coins
INVICTA232000 coins and 1 requisition order and 50 blackstone
jacktoth10 Toth shards and Ahriman shards x5
kramhtaedrare xenos badge
lascannoncommon xenos badge
LORDBUZZ5K5000 coins, 5x Nauseous Rotbone, 5x Roswitha, 5x Ulf
LUETIN20231x requisition order & 2000 coins
magnusmonday12x shards
majorleaper15 deathleaper Shards and 3000 coins
majormas300x Blackstone and 3x Requisition order
majorsquad23300x Blackstone and 3x Requisition order and 5000 Coins
ripperswarmcommon chaos badge
rubricmarineCommon imperial badge
skinlegendary imperial badge
SkullLegendary Xenos badge
skulls235000 coins, 300 blackstone and 1 requisition order
Squidmar2000 coins and 1 requisition order
srsbsns1 common combat knife
Stone3Legendary Chaos Badge
summon1 requisition order
unstoppablerare chaos badge
warhammer3000 coins and 200 blackstone
wesblackmane11200 blackstone and 2000 coins and 2x requisition order

How to redeem the Tacticus codes in-game

Click on Home to go to your profile page. On your profile page click the cogwheel in the top-right corner.

Input the code by clicking on the Pen icon, and hit Redeem. That’s it!!

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