Marvel Snap – a visual guide to Locations

Recently the new mobile deckbuilder game called Marvel Snap launched, and so far I am having a blast playing and collecting. One of the things that surprises me in this game is the amount of possible locations, I’ve played quite a number of games and haven’t had much repeats yet. So I thought it would be fun if I could maybe build a list of all possible locations. If you found any that are not mentioned on this page, feel free to send me a screenshot!

First off I started collecting screenshots of locations and posting them here in the 3-location format, but I realized this is just not a smart format to post them. I am now in the process of cutting out all locations and posting them as separate images with a transcription of the location’s text. They are posted below in alphabetical order.

Future plan is to include strategy tips per location on how to get the most out of them. Better image quality is also on the to-do list.

If you got anything to say about this overview/guide, feel free to leave a comment below!


After turn 4, whoever is winning here draws 2 cards.

Avengers Compound

On turn 5, all cards must be played here.

Bar With No Name

Whoever has the least Power here wins.

Daily Bugle

Get a copy of a card in your opponent’s hand

Dark Dimension

Cards here are not revealed until the game ends.


After turn 4, destroy all cards controlled by the player losing here,

Hellfire Club

Cards that cost 1 can’t be played here.


When a card moves here, give it +2 Power


When you play a card here, shuffle 3 rocks into your deck.

Los Diablos Base

After turn 3, ruin a random location.

Monster Island

Add a 9-Power Monster here for each player.

Negative Zone

Cards here have -3 Power.

Nova Roma

Draw a card.

Oscorp Tower

After turn 3, all cards here swap sides.

Sewer System

Cards here have -1 Power.

Starlight Citadel

After turn 4, swap the position of each location.

The Bifrost

After turn 4, move all cards one location to the right.

The Peak

Each card in your hand swaps its Power and Cost.

The Space Throne

Only one card can be here for each player.

The Vault

On turn 6, cards can’t be played here.


After turn 4, end the game.


Both players draw from their opponent’s decks.


Cards here have +1 Power.


After turn 3. shuffle your hand into your deck. Draw 3 cards.

Bar Sinister

When you play a card here, fill this location with copies of it.

Central Park

Add a Squirrel to each location.

Danger Room

Cards played here have a 25% chance to be destroyed.

Dream Dimension

On turn 5, cards cost 1 more.

Hell’s Kitchen

Draw a 1-cost card from your deck.


After each turn, cards here lose 1 Power.


On Reveal effects happen twice at this location.


There is a turn 7 this game.

Luke’s Bar

When you play a card here, return it to your hand.


Cards here have -2 Power.

New York

On turn 6, you can move cards to this location.

Onslaught’s Citadel

Ongoing effects here are doubled.

Savage Land

Add two Raptors on each side of this location.


Add a Ninja to each side with -2 Power.

Strange Academy

After turn 5, move all cards here to other random locations.

The Big House

Cards that cost 4, 5, or 6 can’t be played here.

The Raft

First to fill this draws a 6-cost card. It costs 0

The Superflow

If you have no cards here, +1 energy each turn.

Tinkerer’s Workshop

+1 Energy this turn.

Washington D.C.

Cards here with no abilities have +3 Power.


Turns into a new location on turn 4.

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