12 Greek themed boardgames Zeus would love

A great theme for board games is the mythical Greece theme,  which was very well received by me. So the main characters of Greek mythology are: Zeus, Apollo, and Athena, goddess of war and justice. Explore Greek history, politics, science, and art. A great theme for me as I am a fan of ancient Greek poetry. – Greek For Life! – the ancient history theme that you get throughout each game gives you great opportunities to learn about the history and culture of other civilizations.

This is why we love them

7 Wonders

You are the leader of one of the 7 great cities of the Ancient World. Gather resources, develop commercial routes, and affirm your military supremacy. Build your city and erect an architectural wonder which will transcend future times.

Lords of Hellas

Through the game you can choose from various actions and influence the game thanks to the mighty monuments of base Gods: Zeus, Athena, and Hermes. You need to strategically move your armies and hero as well as manage your actions in order to win.

Risk: Godstorm

Enter a world filled with myths and legends where old faiths and fears rule! Battle on Earth and the dark regions below. Combine primitive units to strike with devastating force. Command five ancient cultures (Greek / Norse / Celtic / Babylonian / Egyptian) in a multi-continental war.

Civilization: Fame and Fortune

Master the world with the Fame and Fortune expansion for Sid Meier’s Civilization: The Board Game ! With exciting new game options, new map tiles, and components for a fifth player, Fame and Fortune will raise your civilization to remarkable new heights.

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Age of Mythology

Players control armies made up of warriors, priests, heroes, and mythical creatures from ancient Greek, Egyptian, and Norse mythology. They gather resources, which allow them to create buildings and armies. Special buildings are required to allow players to build new army types and improve the abilities of their units. Battles are resolved with a unique dice and card system that keeps the action moving. You get all the fast-paced action of a real-time game, with real 3-D pieces, and face-to-face gameplay!


Players must buy the favor of the gods in their race to be the first player to build two cities in the Ancient Greek island group known as the Cyclades.

Victory requires respect for all the gods – players cannot afford to sacrifice to only one god, but must pay homage to each of five gods in turn. Each turn, the players bid for the favors of the gods, as only one player can have the favor of each god per turn – and each player is also limited to the favor of a single god per turn.

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Historical boardgame for 1-4 players, with an innovative turn order mechanic! Climb your way to the top, as king Xerxes’ right hand!

In this resource management game with an innovative turn order mechanic, each player assumes the role of one Satrap, each with his own area, special ability and characteristics. Every turn the players are trying to collect resources for taxes, construct buildings or launch campaigns.The player has a number of Tax and Campaign cards to resolve in order to satisfy Xerxes and earn his favor.

Arkadia: The Mythic Greek Setting for 5e

Arkadia is an all new, original setting, exclusively for the 5th edition of the world’s greatest roleplaying game, inspired by the history and legends of ancient Greece. Arkadia is a game of heroic adventure in a world of monsters and myth.

Races and Subraces: Play as one of the many unique races of Arkadia, like the the phaedran, born of fae blood, who manifest the features of their satyr, siren, harpy or even gorgon lineage.

Class Archetypes: Twelve new class archetypes, one for each class. Play as the Path of the Hero barbarian, based on the myths of Hercules, famed across the land for feats of strength. Be a Sentinel ranger, unsurpassed with a bow, drawing on Artemis and the Amazons of legend, or a College of the Muse bard, inspired by Orpheus and Pan, whose lyre or pipes could charm even a siren, and many more.

Explore Greek Mythology with these Greece themed RPG Titles

The gods have plans for their champions and they don’t take kindly to mortals who disappoint. Use your gifts wisely and if you fail, make sure your death brings glory and honour to the Olympian gods.

Age of Legends brings the mythos of Ancient Greece to life in epic adventures. A campaign setting packed with gods, immortals and monsters where the actions of the characters are worthy of legends.

Featured in the book are fifteen patron gods demanding the characters’ service plus background on the Titans who oppose them and a host of immortals of uncertain and shifting allegiances.

The land of the mythological heroes — Odysseus, Achilles, Andromeda and many more — has been devastated by a second war between the gods of Olympus and the Titans. Greece was disfigured by this cataclysmic conflict and is now plagued by the monsters that have returned from its past. Humankind, abandoned by the gods for a century, now has to fend for itself and face countless threats from all sides. Bandits and raiders roam the countryside. The fragile balance of the rebuilt areas around the great cities of old is constantly challenged. The country is on the brink of chaos. More importantly, the gods now seem to be waking, fallen from grace and turned mortal, obsessed by reconquering their past powers.

The Olympians have spoken and you are to join the ranks of heroes and heroines involved in the Heavenly Contest! The Olympian deities are in a race to find the successor to Zeus’s throne, with the successor acquiring the greatest number of followers. But the gods and goddesses are quite busy, and to shine their light upon the mortals of Hellas requires intervention of a divine scale. Heroic deeds are a must if one is to prove themselves worthy for the gratification of Olympus and the pursuit of seeing their patron deity rise to rulership! Are you strong, brave, and smart enough for the challenge? We will see how you fair against the great beasts of Hellas and the heroes and heroines who support your rival deity. This is the Heavenly Contest. This is Mythos!

Experience the Greek epic

Arete is the ultimate Greek mythology roleplaying game. The game system is simple and concise, its only goals are to provide the Greek mythology experience and allow everyone at the table to have fun.

Busy schedule? You can still have a regular game night

Everyone can take control of the game – more fun for all players and less prep work for the game master! Arete features a simple and unique narrative control system that allows players to take control of the storytelling.

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