Download Rulebooks

3x3 CCG Battle - Play with your Bulk!

Alien vs. Predator CCG Official Rulebook

Arkham Horror 3rd Edition Rulebook

Arkham Horror the Card Game Rulebook

Babylon 5 TCG Rulebook v1.3b

Battletech 3rd Edition Damage Sheets

Battletech CCG - Player's Guide

Battletech CCG - Rules of Engagement

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Class of '99

Cardmaster - Adventure Design Deck

Conan CCG - Core Set Rulebook

Duel Masters - Battle of the Creatures

Duel Masters - Stratego Rulebook

Duel Masters Monopoly Rulebook

Duel Masters TCG - Quick-Start Guide

Disney Lorcana Quickstart Guide

Dune: Eye of the Storm TCG Rulebook

Garbage Pail Kids TCG Rulebook

GraviTrax Marble Construction Set Manual

InaZuma Eleven Football Frontier TCG - Rules Guide

Legend of the Five Rings - Jump Start Kit

Middle Earth: The Wizards CCG

Middle Earth: The Balrog Rules Summary

Middle Earth: The Dragons Rules Insert

One Piece Miracle Battle Cardass - Rule Manual

Miracle Battle Cardass - Compiled Rules

One Piece Card Game - Rule Book

Pirates of the Spanish Main - Strategy Game

RIFTS CCG - Version 1.0 Rule Book

Shadowfist Comprehensive Rulebook

Shadowrun - All Optional Rules

Star of the Guardians CCG - Rulebook

Star Trek - Collectible Dice Game - Borg Screen

Star Trek CCG - Borg Rule Books

Star Trek CCG - Official Tournament Rules

Star Trek CCG - Troubles with Tribbles

Star Wars CCG - Rules Supplement

Star Wars CCG - Scrye Rules Supplement

Star Wars - Mos Eisley Shootout

The Crow Collectible Card Game Rules

Towers in Time TCG - Rulebook PDF

Warhammer 40k - Ork Great Gargant

Xena Warrior Princess TCG - ARC System

On this page we will try to provide a catalog of downloadable PDF rulebooks for TCG’s and adjacent games or products. If you’re looking for something and it’s not here, feel free to reach out to us with your request!

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