Commander Party: March of the Machine

Welcome to the March of the Machine Commander Party! Everyone should have received a faction card for one of the planes (Arcavios, Eldraine, Kaladesh, Kamigawa, Khaldheim, New Capenna, or Theros) when you checked in today. I recommend each player at the table have a different faction card. If you don’t have a faction card or would like to changes yours now, raise your hand and we will get you one now.

Each faction card depicts a plane besieged by the Phyrexians on one side and one victoriously freed from Phyrexian influence on the other. As you play, you’ll be removing corruption counters from the planes. If you’re the first person to remove all the corruption counters from your plane, raise your hand and you will add a faction card to the map, covering Phyrexian symbols. Additionally, you and everyone else playing with that plane will get a one-time bonus.

Unfortunately some of the assets are missing for this Commander Party, such as a picture of the map with all the squares scratched off. If anyone has these available for me, please help me out here 🙂

In the mean time, here’s the Instructions PDF

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