Commander Party: Lord of the Rings

Break into tables of 3-4 players. Before the game begins, each player chooses a Faction Card (Dwarves, Elves, Gondor & Rohan, or Hobbits). Place your Faction Card in front of you with the Temptation side face down. Once you’re ready to begin the game, flip this Play Aid over and place it at the center of the table so that every player can read and use it.

After each player’s draw step, if their Faction Card is not on the Temptation side, they must CHOOSE A RING. To do so, they place a counter on the Elven, Dwarven, Human, or One Ring section of this Play Aid
and receive its effect. When a player places the last counter on a type of ring, the ring’s effect happens as normal, then they remove all counters from that specific ring and flip their Faction Card to the Temptation side.

For this Commander Party, WotC decided to release all needed assets to recreate this event at home. Huzzah! Download them here

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