When will Return to the Dream-Eaters be announced?

Update 23-06-2022: Sadly no Return to the Dreameaters 🙁

Original Article was posted on 24-02-2022

Long story short? We don’t know!

But, we can do some analysis of previous release and do some speculation on what’s keeping so long. First of, the world’s been in a crisis for 2 years. A crisis that affects all schedules everywhere causing probably some delays in at least the production side of the eventual Return to the Dream-Eaters, and maybe even the development side depending on how hard the FFG Arkham Files development teams were hit by Covid.

Also, at one point FFG decided to completely redesign their Arkham Horror product-line, scratching the Mythos packs and Deluxe Expansion while replacing them with new products in the form of Campaign Boxes and Investigator Expansions. This probably took some work and might have caused them to put the development of new Return To boxes on the backburner for a bit.

Lastly, there was this little thing where FFG got handed over to the Embracer Group. Something we talked about already in relation to the effects on development of new Keyforge products. The take-over must have some impact on the development of products in some form or another, which might also throw a wrench in the Return To schedule.

When taking a look at the release schedule for previous Return To products, you also might notice a steadily increasing gap between announcements:

  • Jan. 2018
  • Sep. 2018
  • April 2019
  • Feb 2020
  • Mar 2021

All-in-all the current delay in the announcement for the next Return To box is not strange at all, considering there was over a year of space between the last 2 releases.

Last thing to take into account is that FFG is also working hard on packaging all old releases into their new format, with the Investigator Expansion for the Dunwich Legacy coming soon, closely followed-up by the Campaign Box. And, while writing this article, FFG decided to announce a repackaging of the The Path to Carcosa cycle into the new format. I guess FFG has decided to focus on repackaging all the old cycles before focusing on a new Return To set, or…

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