The Return of Shadowrun

One of my favorite classic TCG’s; Shadowrun is looking to be relaunched soon. I was made aware of this thanks to a tweet of one of the original artists (and also one of my favorite) of this game, Jeff Laubenstein

I was not aware of a planned relaunch of this game, so I decided to do some catching up! The relaunch was announced in May ’22 already in this article, quoting:

Now we get to the item that isn’t presented in the order of release. Some of you likely remember the Shadowrun trading card game from back in the ’90s. Well, we’ve been updating the graphics, putting in some new art, tweaking a few game elements here and there, and getting it ready for re-release! It will come in two boxes, the Magic deck and the Machine deck, that lets you choose your area of emphasis. You can build two decks and get playing with either deck, or you can get both boxes to make your deck exactly the way you want it to be! Look for more details coming soon!

The game will be launched as an “Upgradeable Card Game”, which sound to me a bit like an LCG or maybe a deckbuilder release model such as Dominion. Of course, since it’s released by Catalyst Game Labs, it is probably likely to have the same release model as their game Dragonfire, which sadly only had a few releases before being shelved.

Also of note, the new game will only get minor revisions of the rules, which to me sounds like it will be backwards compatible with the old TCG cards. If that’s true that would be awesome!

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