The many reveals for Star Wars Unlimited

Star Wars Unlimited, the new upcoming Star Wars TCG from Fantasy Flight Games, has had some major reveals today in the form of cards as well as some written informations

First off, let’s start with the goal of the game, which is quite simply to annihilate the enemy’s base before they annihilate yours. The Unlimited subtitle of the game suggests that there are many ways and strategies to obtain this goal, you can build a deck that will fit your preferred playstyle.

Almost everything you do in the game is called an action. Playing a card, attacking with a unit, activating an ability, etc. Deciding which action to use at what moment is a major part of the game’s strategy. Considering your opponent can react to anything you do with their own action makes every round dynamic and unpredictable!

The playing area is divided in 2 regions; a ground arena and a space arena. Each unit can only be in one or the other, which also means your fight will take place in two different locations.

Some cards can influence both areas. Many leaders, such as Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader for example – have abilities to control any unit, in space or on the ground. Leaders are powerful cards and centerpieces to your deck. A typical leader has an “undeployed” side with which the game starts, as well as a “deployed” side, which is also a unit.

The game will be focusing on both casual as competitive play, and is designed with both in mind. There will be event support for both play styles. More details will be put out at a later date. For now, here’s a little graphic to illustrate the organized play schedules.

And now, on with the cards images!!

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