The Card Conjurer Conspiracy

In a devastating blow to the custom card community, Wizards of the Coast decided to hit the ever-popular Card Conjurer with a Cease&Desist order over trademark violations.

Card Conjurer Has Been Cease and Desisted from magicTCG


Exactly why WotC decided to only pick out Cardconjurer, while leaving other websites with the same functionality alone is not yet know. It could be that Kyle is just the first of many or maybe because Cardconjurer is just WotC making an example. has been popular not only with the custom-card crowd, but was also a favorite site to create proxies of existing cards. It rose in popularity lately due to original Magic products getting more and more expensive, leaving people behind because they just are not able to keep up financially.

People also seem to believe that due to the altering of the Copyright notice at the bottom of the cards, the cardconjurer has been breaching the terms of the WotC fan content policy.

I think this last is actually partially true. It’s not the actual reason, but it could be used as an argument to get the site down because Wizards might actually be working on a card customization thing themselves, because, hey why not monetize another popular facet of the fandom? After all, they already went with selling their own alters in the form of Secret Lairs and they recently managed to sell $1000 proxies to people. So, why not try to wring some more money from the players?

How did I come to this conclusion? Well, Hasbro recently launched their own custom action figure service, where you can upload a picture of your face an get a custom action figure from many of their popular lines physically created, with packaging and all! Popular line include G.I.Joe, Star Wars, Marvel and Power Rangers, amongst others. So why would they stop there? They could just as well start a custom magic card printing service. And to do that, they would need to get all the “illegal” competitors out of their way.

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