All upcoming TCG sets releases for 2024

Here’s a list of upcoming TCG set releases for 2023 and 2024

WhenWhat GameRelease Name
5/17/2024LorcanaSet 4
5/17/2024UniVersus CCGMY HERO ACADEMIA: Girl Power
5/17/2024Grand ArchiveTristan Re:Collection - Shadowdancer
5/17/2024Grand ArchiveSilvie Re:Collection - Slime Sovereign
5/17/2024Grand ArchiveMercurial Heart 1st Edition
5/23/2024Yu-Gi-Oh25th Anniversary Rarity Collection II
5/24/2024Weiss/SchwarzJoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind
5/24/2024Cardfight!! VanguardTouken Ranbu ONLINE 2023
5/24/2024Digimon Card GameAdventure Box 3 AB03
5/24/2024Digimon Card GameBeginning Observer
5/24/2024PokémonParadox Clash Tin
5/24/2024PokémonScarlet & Violet 6 Twilight Masquerade
5/31/2024Alpha ClashUnrivaled
5/31/2024Flesh and BloodPart the Mistveil
5/31/2024Battle Spirits SagaStarter Deck ST07
6/6/2024Yu-Gi-OhFire Kings Revamped (Reprint)
6/6/2024Yu-Gi-OhRealm Of Light (Reprint)
6/7/2024Battle Spirits SagaEvangelion Collaboration Set
6/7/2024Life TCG1st Edition
6/14/2024Magic: The GatheringModern Horizons 3
6/14/2024Weiss/SchwarzBocchi The Rock!
6/20/2024Yu-Gi-OhBattles of Legend: Terminal Revenge
6/21/2024PokémonBattle Academy 2024
6/21/2024UniVersus CCGGodzilla Challenger Series
6/21/2024Shadowverse EvolveOmens Eternal
6/28/2024Cardfight!! VanguardIllusionless Strife
6/28/2024Weiss/SchwarzRWBY Premium Booster 
6/28/2024One Piece TCGOP07 
6/28/2024One Piece TCGDP04 Double Pack
6/28/2024One Piece TCGEnglish Version 1st Year Anniversary Set
6/28/2024Digimon Card GameInfernal Ascension EX06
6/28/2024Digimon Card GameAdventure 02: The Beginning
6/30/2024Summoner Wars 2eShimmersea Fae Faction Deck
6/30/2024Summoner Wars 2eStorm Goblins Faction Deck
6/30/2024Aeon's EndOrigins 
6/30/2024Ultra ProErasable Tokens for Magic: the Gathering
??-07-2024Star Wars UnlimitedShadows of the Galaxy
Summer 2024Shards of InfinitySaga Collection
Later 2024Undaunted2200: Calisto
7/12/2024Flesh and BloodArmory Deck Boltyn
7/12/2024Cardfight!! VanguardSpecial Series - Premium Deckset Musketeer
7/12/2024Cardfight!! VanguardSpecial Series - Premium Deckset Revenger
7/12/2024Cardfight!! VanguardSpecial Series - Premium Deckset Jewel Knight
7/18/2024Yu-Gi-OhThe Infinite Forbidden
7/19/2024Shadowverse EvolveGloryfinder Bundle #1 Guide to Glory
7/19/2024Weiss/Schwarz Shakugan no Shana
7/31/2024Aeon's EndEvolution
7/31/2024Cardfight!! Vanguard Fated Clash (2nd Edition)
7/31/2024War of the Ring: The Card GameFire and Swords
8/2/2024Magic: The GatheringBloomburrow
8/2/2024Weiss/Schwarzhololive production feat. Weiß Schwarz Ambassadors
8/2/2024Weiss/SchwarzLove Live! School Idol Festival Series 10th Anniversary
8/2/2024Dragonball SCGZenkai Series EX Set 08
8/2/2024Final Fantasy TCGHidden Trials
8/2/2024Battle Spirits SagaInverted World Chronicle Strangers In The Sky
8/8/2024Yu-Gi-OhLight of Destruction Reprint
8/9/2024LorcanaSet 5
8/9/2024Digimon Card GameSecret Crisis
8/9/2024Dragonball SCGFusion World FS05 Starter Deck
8/16/2024Shadowverse EvolveParagons of the Colosseum
8/16/2024Weiss/SchwarzAyakashi Triangle
8/16/2024Dragonball SCGFusion World FB03
8/29/2024Yu-Gi-OhLegendary Dragon Decks Unlimited Reprint
8/30/2024One Piece TCGUTA Collection
8/30/2024One Piece TCGPremium Card Collection -BANDAI CARD GAMES Fest. 23-24 Edition
9/13/2024Digimon Card GameST18 Guardian Vortex AND ST19 Fable Waltz
9/13/2024Digimon Card GameDigimon Liberator EX07
9/13/2024One Piece TCGDouble Pack Set
9/13/2024One Piece TCGTwo Legends
9/19/2024Yu-Gi-Oh25th Anniversary Dueling Mirrors Tin
9/20/2024Weiss/SchwarzOshi No Ko
10/4/2024Weiss/SchwarzJoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Premium Booster 
10/4/2024Weiss/SchwarzJoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders Premium Booster
10/11/2024Dragonball SCGMasters Zenkai Series Ex Set 09 B26
10/25/2024Weiss/SchwarzDengeki Bunko
10/25/2024One Piece TCGST-15 t/m 20 Starter Deck
10/25/2024One Piece TCGPremium Card Collection -Best Selection Vol.2
Coming SoonSolForge FusionDigital
11/1/2024Dragonball SCGMasters Zenkai Series EX Set 09
11/1/2024Digimon Card Game Special Booster Ver.2.0 BT18-19
??-11-2024Star Wars UnlimitedTwilight of the Republic
11/8/2024One Piece TCGPRB-01 Premium Booster
11/8/2024One Piece TCGDevil Fruits Collection Vol.2
11/15/2024Final Fantasy TCGHidden Legends
11/15/2024LorcanaSet 6
11/29/2024Digimon Card GamePremium Heroines Set PB18

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