All upcoming TCG sets releases for 2023 and 2024

Here’s a list of upcoming TCG set releases for 2023 and 2024

WhenWhat GameRelease Name
Q3 2023DoomtownDebt of Blood (Weird West Edition)
10/6/2023PokémonScarlet & Violet 3.5: 151 – Alakazam ex Collection
10/6/2023PokémonScarlet & Violet 3.5: 151 – Ultra Premium Collection
10/6/2023PokémonScarlet & Violet 3.5: 151 – Mini Tins
10/6/2023PokémonScarlet & Violet 3.5: 151 – Zapdos ex Collection
10/6/2023PokémonKangaskhan and Greninja ex Battle Deck
10/6/2023Weiss/SchwarzHypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle
10/6/2023LotR: The Card GameTwo Towers Saga Expansion
10/6/2023Flesh&BloodBright Lights
10/13/2023Magic: The GatheringUniverses Beyond - Dr.Who
10/13/2023Cardfight!! VanguardEvenfall Onslaught
10/13/2023Cardfight!! VanguardLyrical Monasterio Itazura Sichauzo Lyrical
10/13/2023Weiss/Schwarzalice gear aegis
10/19/2023Yu-Gi-OhAge of Overlord
10/20/2023PokémonCharizard ex Premium Collection
10/20/2023Marvel ChampionsX-23 Hero Pack
10/27/2023Weiss/SchwarzLovelive! School Idol Festival 2!
10/27/2023Weiss/SchwarzAzur Lane
10/31/2023Vampire: TESShadows of Berlin
10/31/2023Marvel Mission ArenaSpecial Pack - Spider-Man
10/31/2023Marvel Mission ArenaSpecial Pack - Guardians of the Galaxy
10/31/2023Marvel Mission ArenaSpecial Pack - AVENGERS
10/31/2023Yu-Gi-OhDuel Disk Launcher
11/3/2023PokémonScarlet & Violet 4 Paradox Rift
11/3/2023PokémonKarmesin & Purpur – Paradoxrift
11/3/2023Magic: The GatheringUniverses Beyond - Middle Earth - Wave 2
11/3/2023 Weiss/SchwarzBLUE LOCK
??-11-2023One Piece TCGStarter Deck ST10 - The Three Captains
11/2/2023Yu-Gi-Oh25th Anniversary Rarity Collection
11/10/2023Alpha ClashClashgrounds
11/10/2023Cardfight!! VanguardSpecial Series vol.9 and 10 Stride
11/16/2023Yu-Gi-OhValiant Smashers 
11/17/2023PokémonNovember Collectors Chest
11/17/2023PokémonNovember ex Box
11/17/2023PokémonMiraidon ex League Battle Deck
11/17/2023LorcanaChapter 2
11/17/2023My Hero AcademiaJet Burn
11/17/2023Magic: The GatheringThe Lost Caverns of Ixalan
11/30/2023Summoner Wars: 2nd Ed.Crimson Order
11/30/2023Summoner Wars: 2nd Ed.Vargath
11/30/2023 Weiss/SchwarzThe Idol M@Ster Side M
11/30/2023MunchkinTricky Treats
12/1/2023Dragonball SCGZenkai Series 06
12/7/2023Yu-Gi-OhRevamped: Fire Kings Structure Deck
12/8/2023One Piece TCGAwakening of the New Era
12/15/2023Weiss/SchwarzGuilty Gear -Strive
1/1/2024DigimonAnimal Colosseum
1/12/2024Magic: The GatheringRavnica Remastered
1/18/2024Yu-Gi-OhMaze Of Millenia
1/24/2024Battle Spirits SagaSavior of Chaos
1/25/2024Yu-Gi-Oh2-Player Starter Set
1/26/2024Cardfight!! VanguardLyrical Monasterio ~Trick or Trick!~
1/26/2024Weiss/SchwarzSPY x FAMILY
2/2/2024Shadowverse EvolveFlame Of Laevateinn
2/2/2024One Piece TCGUta- ST11 Starter Deck
2/16/2024Weiss/SchwarzChainsaw Man
2/16/2024DigimonDouble Pack Set
2/16/2024DigimonBT15 - xceed Apocalypse
2/16/2024Final Fantasy TCGAnniversary Collection Set 2024
2/22/2024Yu-Gi-OhBattles of Legend: Chapter 1
2/23/2024DigimonPremium Binder Set
2/23/2024Cardfight!! VanguardSpecial Series Stride - Luard
2/23/2024Cardfight!! VanguardSpecial Series Stride - Shiranui
2/29/2024HeroClixDC Iconix: Harley Quinn Roses for Red
3/8/2024DigimonAdvanced Deck Set ST17 Double Typhoon
3/15/2024One Piece TCGDouble Pack Set vol.3 DP03
3/15/2024One Piece TCGZoro and Sanji- ST12 Starter Deck
3/15/2024One Piece TCGOP06 - Flanked by Legends
3/22/2024Final Fantasy TCGHidden Hope
3/22/2024Dragonball SCGMasters Zenkai Series Ex Set 07
3/29/2024One Piece TCGJapanese 1st Anniversary Set
4/19/2023One Piece TCGThe Three Brothers ST-13
4/26/2024One Piece TCGPremium Card Collection -Best Selection
4/26/2024One Piece TCGSpecial Goods Set -Former Four Emperors
5/3/2023One Piece TCGMemorial Collection EB-01
Summer 2024Shards of InfinitySaga Collection
Later 2024Undaunted2200: Calisto

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