Returning to Ravnica, again!

2025 will start of by returning to Ravnica, first of with a remaster set curating cards from previous Ravnica sets into a brand new drafting experience. Following up this set is something I’m personally very exited about: The Murders of Karlov Manor.

Ravnica Remastered will be featuring the fan-favorite retro frame treatment again. And by the looks of this preview, it will have shocklands 😀


Here’s, what I assume to be the Scooby Gang for teh Murders on Karlov Manor. One of the members seems to be Massacre Girl. Scooby Doo can be seen in the back on the left side.This is another backdrop set, with it’s own mechanical themes.

For this release they are introducing a new multi-player game type, which is a cross-over with the world-famous game of Clue. This is not just a reskin of clue with a Magic theme. But the game clue will be woven into the regular Magic: The Gathering gameplay to create a new multi-player format.

I expect Ravnica Clue edition to be a boxed set much like the Explorers of Ixalan and Unsanctioned.

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