MTG Rumors! Journey to the center of Ixalan

Update 11-10-2023: The First Commander has been leaked! It’s a Vampire Demon called Clavileño, who makes more Vampire Demons!

Lost Caverns of Ixalan is going to be a backdrop-set. Which is a new concept for MTG. Which is a brand new mechanical theme, but taking place on an existing world. This isn’t Return to Ixalan per se.

Another new theme is called “Special Guests”, high-desire reprints which will be themed to the world. Mark explains it a bit more in his blog

Revealed during the gencon panel by Mark Rosewater. The Lost Caverns of Ixalan will feature a crossover with Jurassic World

When zooming into the art of the Unstable Glyphbridge there clearly is a silhouette of Admiral Beckett Brass visible, pretty much confirming Pirates will make a return in Lost Caverns of Ixalan

Update 27-03-2023:  Some rumors and tidbits collected from the past few days!

I’m fairly certain the Trap cardtype will make its return in the new Ixalan set, I got the first idea due to this art called Spider Trap. But thinking of it, the theme of the set actually lends itself to traps. So I hope, no I am certain, the card type will make its glorious return!

01-06-2022: According to a deleted Reddit post we will be digging deep into the core of Ixalan on the next return to that plane where we will be meeting freshly-sparked Quintorius Kand from the Strixhaven school of Lorehold. Which honestly makes sense to me, since he’s a field historian he would probably love digging into the heart of Ixalan to learn more about its history.

According to the leak we will also be meeting Huatli again in this set. With Quintorius being Boros aligned, and Huatli also having been depicted as Boros aligned, I do have my doubt this will actually happen since WotC does not typically put 2 Planeswalkers in a set with the same color-alignments. The both of the could ofcourse be colour-shifted, Huatli has already been printed as Selesnya aligned.

Coincidentally a few days before this leak, another post was briefly up on r/mtgrumors with some predictions on the 2023 product line-up, and it also mentioned a Return to Ixalan. The post has been deleted, but I do have a transcription of the contents:

possible leaks for next year’s sets

Source: judges, friends and acquaintances with Wizard employees. However, pinch of salt as always.

I thought perhaps it’d be interesting to see reactions/discussion to the “news.”

  • Throne of Eldraine 2
  • Disney Secret Lair
  • Phyrexian / Alien Secret Lair crossover
  • Return to Ixalan, MesoAmerican alt art styles
  • Huatli will be in the set, as well as
  • Quintorious, from Strixhaven, who is now a planeswalker.

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Could this all be true, or are we just reading some guy’s wishful thinkings? I do not know, but honestly, a Return to Ixalan sounds plausible to me.

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