MTG Lord of the Rings – Leaks, Rumors and Spoilers

It’s still a long way away, but already tidbits of information are leaking for the much anticipated Lord of the Rings Universes Beyond set for Magic: The Gathering. Rumors of the 4 commander decks have appeared due to this Ultra*Pro listing:

Ofcourse, there’s also other listings by Ultra*Pro featuring different characters, so this could just be a red herring. For example, these deckboxes..

  • Deck box 1 – Aragorn
  • Deck box 2 – Gandalf
  • Deck box 3 – Sauron
  • Deck box A – Frodo
  • Deck box B – Eowyn
  • Deck box C – Galadriel
  • Deck box D – Sauron

However, the playmats for LotR cover the trilogy but not The Hobbit. The list is the four likely commanders (A, B, C, and D) and additional standard-sized playmats after that– Aragorn, Gandalf, Sauron, Mount Doom, The Balrog, Treebeard, Arwen, Shelob, Smeagol, Tom Bombadil, holofoil Frodo, and a “Borderless Scene” (possibly the Battle of Pelennor Fields art).


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