MTG Lord of the Rings – Leaks, Rumors and Spoilers

Update 13-03-2023: A bunch of cool reveals for the Lord of the Rings set today. First of, there these cool lands depicting the maps of Middle Earth.

Now you know where all the cool death and black-metal bands live!!

Then we get some very cool Gandalf info. He’s depicted in multiple cards, from left to right!

We had already seen this one, but now the name of the card is also revealed to be “Gandalf, Friend of the Shire”

Here we have Gandalf the Grey in full glory. The card is a pretty cool design, a nice piece of tech for any Izzet deck!

And lastly, here’s Gandalf the White, who I can only assume to be a Planeswalker

And now, the card we have all been waiting for..the One and Only, Ring!!

Update 08-03-2023: The leaked images have been removed from this website…because of certain reasons

Update 27-02-2023: Appearantly some foil sheets have been found in the garbage. It looks like “the Ring tempts you” will be a new type of mechanic akin to the Monarch or the City’s Blessing? Either way, expect more bookkeeping to clog up your games

Frodo, Sauron’s Bane

Legendary Creature ~ Halfling Citizen

W/B W/B: If Frodo, Sauron’s Bane is a Citizen, it becomes a Halfling Scout with basepower and toughness 2/3 and Lifelink

BBB: If Frodo is a Scout, it becomes a Halfling Rogue with “Whenever this creature deals combat damage to a player that player loses the game if the Ring has tempted you four or more times this game. Otherwise the Ring tempts you.


Aragorn and Arwen, Married


Legendary Creature Human High Elf


Whenever Aragorn and Arwen, Married, enters the battlefield or attacks, put a +1/+1 counter on each other creature you control. You gain 1 life for each other creature you control.

Aragorn, King Elessar, wedded Arwen Undómiel, and the tale of their long and laborious wait came to an end.

Gollum the Conspirator

Legendary Creature ~ Halfling/Horror

Whenever Gollum the Conspirator attacks, look at the top two cards of your library, put them back in any order, then choose land or nonland. Either opponent guesses whether the top card of your library is of the chosen type. Reveal the card. If it guesses right, Gollum is removed from combat. If not, you draw a card and Gollum can’t be blocked this turn.

Earlier: It’s still a long way away, but already tidbits of information are leaking for the much anticipated Lord of the Rings Universes Beyond set for Magic: The Gathering. Rumors of the 4 commander decks have appeared due to this Ultra*Pro listing:

Ofcourse, there’s also other listings by Ultra*Pro featuring different characters, so this could just be a red herring. For example, these deckboxes..

  • Deck box 1 – Aragorn
  • Deck box 2 – Gandalf
  • Deck box 3 – Sauron
  • Deck box A – Frodo
  • Deck box B – Eowyn
  • Deck box C – Galadriel
  • Deck box D – Sauron

However, the playmats for LotR cover the trilogy but not The Hobbit. The list is the four likely commanders (A, B, C, and D) and additional standard-sized playmats after that– Aragorn, Gandalf, Sauron, Mount Doom, The Balrog, Treebeard, Arwen, Shelob, Smeagol, Tom Bombadil, holofoil Frodo, and a “Borderless Scene” (possibly the Battle of Pelennor Fields art).

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