March of the Machines rumors, leaks and spoilers

11-01-2023: March of the Machine has an expansion symbol. What does it represent? It looks like Espeth’s Sword, Godsend, stabbing something..

13-12-2022: Things are starting to leak, it’s not more of that strange oil, and it certainly is not nothing! It’s images of the March of the Machine bundle giving us hints of what’s to come. And by the looks of it the Caves of Ixalan rumors about Quintorius gaining his spark are becoming quite the reality. On the box you see him side-by-side with Teferi and Thalia, with images depicting Theros, Zendikar and Kamigawa overshadowed by Elesh Norn in the background. Assumingly all the spiny vines covering the background are from the Realmbreaker tree grown by the Phyrexians to connect and invade all the planes.


26-11-2022: Today Mark Rosewater answered the if/when question of Planechase to return with a resounding “When”

Immediately a Reddit discussion arose if March of the Machines would be the perfect set for this mechanic to return, and some evidence has been pointing towards something special for that set! First off Mark Rosewater, allegedly, hinted towards testing a new cardtype. This could ofcourse be linked to Planechase, especially if you consider the survey WotC sent out in August last year to poll if people would be interested in a Commander product including Planechase cards. A new card type to interact with said planechase cards would not be a stretch to imagine.


The Planechase cards would perfectly fit withing the theme-theory of Phyrexia building the Invasion Tree Realmbreaker to connect planes and invade them. So, to me this makes perfect sense. Also, I am a big fan of Planechase, so I’m stoked! Can’t wait to see planechase cards for all the cool worlds such as Ixalan, Eldraine and Capenna for example. Who knows, maybe WotC will even make one for the Baldur’s Gate!!

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