Future plans for Star Wars Unlimited uncovered

Fantasy Flight Games gave a nice presentation covering their long-term plans for their upcoming TCG Star Wars Unlimited.

Store Showdown

  • Select Stores will be able to host a Store Showdown Event
  • Intended as the first step for competitive play within the Casual OP structure
  • Set 1 Store Showdown is scheduled for May 2024
  • Product Detail:
    • 1 Booster display of 24 booster packs
    • 32 participation promo cards
    • Exclusive promos for Judges, Top 6, Top 4 and Champion

The Path to the Galactic Championship

  • Planetary Qualifier
    • Store level event
    • Begins the journey for the Galactic Championship
  • Regional/Sector Qualifiers
    • Destination events, run by our official partners
  • Galactic Championship
    • Competitive season finale where a Galactic Champion will be crowned
    • Run by FFG
  • Stay tuned to FFG socials for more information later this month

Every Set is a Season

  • Prerelease
    • 1 week before launch
  • Weekly Play
    • 15 weeks of play starting with the full release of the set
  • Store Showdown
    • Select stores around the world
    • 1 month after release
      • Except Set 1, which is 2 months after release

This is just the Beginning

  • First year of content is about foundation building

    • Keeping it simple so we can ramp up over time
  • Easier to add content later than do too much too fast and get it wrong
  • We consider Star Wars Unlimited ‘evergreen’
    • Initial design has already begun on set 7 (Year 3) and concepts have begun through set 9
    • We have a 5-year roadmap that builds out additional product types and target audience considerations
    • Largest dedicated staff of any game in our studio history.

Release Schedule for 2024

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