Double Masters 2022 [2X2] Cards Leaked

Update 13-06-2022: Ulamog the Infinite Gyre has been found, completing our dynamic trio!

Many Magic: The Gathering redditors are now starting to wonder if maybe WotC is intentionally seeding these in Baldur’s Gate collector boosters to drum up some hype for the upcoming release of Double Masters 22. It wouldn’t surprise me if this is indeed intentional..


Update 09-06-2022: Eldrazi titans confirmed for Double Masters 22!! Only Emrakul and Kozilek have been found so far, but we may assume that Ulamog will also get reprinted!

Some cards for the upcoming 2022 edition of Double Masters have been encountered in the Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate collector boosters. Here’s a close-up of all the found cards:

Update 16-04-2022:  Release date for MTG Double Masters 22 has been leaked as July 7th 2022


Just for a short moment a weird post popped up on r/mtgrumors. It got deleted quite fast, and the op account disappeared at the same time.Something about this post is weird though. The op keeps stating it is all made up in their head and it cannot possibly be real, all the while stating some weirdly specific claims. Here’s a quick transcription of the post and a link to the deleted “Not a Leak” post

Alright, so this is not a post about leaks, so you can keep browsing the internet. All this information is made up.

Double Master 2022 :

So, I have no information about the reprints, but I can imagine in my heads some things : No cards from MH2 will be reprinted, and a very few cards from MH1 will be reprinted. Most of the cards from MH1 will be low dollar cards, to balance the draft experience. No reprints of Force of Negation, but a bordeless reprints is coming soon on a specialy product (not sure yet for a Secret Lair or an other special product). Double Master 2022 will have again VIP boxes, with a special slot for Masterpiece of wich will be signed sketched cards. Cant say the high dollar cards, lets just “speculate” their will be one of the famous planeswalker that have the mana cost 1BB. Those Masterpiece will have some cards that are not in Double Master 2022. Everyone knows that Wrenn and Six is getting a reprint. There will be 3 planeswaker, Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh is the last reprint. Oh and yeah, the Eldrazi Lord are getting a reprint, with a borderless treatment (box topper and VIP)

At this point, everyone know about the sticker in Unfinity. This set is going to be awesome guys. Be sure to check for something special below the sticker. But yeah, like I said, this is all made up information. BTW, the delays of the product is not COVID related, but more of something about numbers on cards below the stickers.

Fast Lands are gettin a Secret Lair Ultimate edition 3 or 4 (not sure), with new art ala “Lord of the rings”. They will be available at Q4 2022 or Q1 2023. Pain lands are also gettin a reprint in a Secret Lair Ultimation edition. Of course, there is one for allied fetch lands. Allied fetch lands should be in the Lord of the rings sets (information to be confirmed in my head), and that is why Fast lands are gettin art from LOTR (the sequence of product release is not yet fixed)

Smothering tithe is gettin a reprint in a secret lair “taxes”. The art for the cards is just crazy. It will be available in a super drop Q3 or Q4. Collector number is SLD417 (again this is all made up, how could I know something so precise). Also, a reprint in commander legends 2

Our little commander superstar goblin pirate is also gettin a reprint in commander legends 2. That is a made up information and super easy to speculate because it fits the theme of the sets. The lands of the sets are meh, but the new cards are awesome. Cant say much more for now (because, i didnt take the time to create cards in my head)

Reprint in Jumpstart 2022 : steelshaper’s gift, collected company, noble hierarch for the multicolored human themes. The set will be a little less friendly for new people, but will still be a great experience. Archfiend of Despair is to be confirm in one of the “demon theme”. Stoneforge Mystic is one the cards possible for the “equipement theme”, and the comic book version is awesome.

Alright, that all I can imagine for nows. Like I said, this is all made up information. Lets says its “my wish list” for this years!

Cheers !

Now, if this information is real, or indeed actually made up in someone’s head, I will leave to you to decide.

Note: This videoclip showcasing Wrenn and Six, and Aminatou !!

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