Disney Lorcana Hype Post!!

Today the D23 promo cards for the upcoming Disney TCG, Lorcana were released giving us an early insight on how the game might play and look. So far, I am quite impressed with the art on the cards, loving the classic Disney style they have chosen! I’m a little underwhelmed with the cards design though, it looks a bit tame and generic.

it appears Disney’s LORCANA TCG will draw from familiar TCG rule sets—particularly Magic. It appears like there are 6 different colors. Each character has a Power/Toughness. There are a number of basic mechanical keywords & types. From the looks of it there also is some sort of resource system, although I suspect it to be more like Duel Masters than Magic.

One thing of note: Mickey and Maleficent share a color, hinting at the possibility of mixing both good and bad guys in one deck.


Lorcana HQ has done a teriffic job trying to deconstruct the card’s layout

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