Cuisines of the Multiverse: A Culinary Journey Through Magic and Flavor


This one is for my fellow hungry cardgamers! So, last week, I got my hands on a gem for us Magic: The Gathering-loving foodies: “Cuisines of the Multiverse.” Victoria Rosenthal, the wizard behind several gaming and fandom cookbooks, whipped up this culinary adventure that’s got me all kinds of excited. Here’s my thoughts on a cookbook that seamlessly blends the worlds of magic and flavor.

The Visual Feast:

First off, let’s talk looks. The paperstock is top-notch, sturdy enough to survive the chaos of my kitchen – a must for any cookbook in my collection. The recipes? Pure eye candy. Victoria’s got a knack for making food look as good as it tastes, and the photos are practically drool-worthy. It’s like the dishes are torn right out of a food-token.

Punny Pleasures:

Now, onto the fun part – the puns! Ever heard of “Gruulash”? How about a cocktail called “Niv-Fizzit”? These playful nods to Magic: The Gathering are scattered throughout, adding a touch of whimsy to the whole cooking experience. Victoria’s love for the game and food shines through in these clever twists.

Organized Chaos:

I’ve gotta be real with you; there’s a quirk in the organization. Instead of sorting recipes by type, it’s all about the planes. Picture flipping from a cocktail recipe to a pasta dish – a bit like shuffling cards. It’s a head-scratcher at first, but hey, it kinda works. Adds a bit of mystery, right?

Immersive Lore:

What sets this cookbook apart is the lore bits. Each chapter kicks off with a slice of backstory about the plane you’re about to dive into. It’s a neat touch that pulls you into the magic. And with Victoria Rosenthal at the helm, you know she’s geeking out on every detail.

Contributions from Jenna Helland:

Speaking of behind-the-scenes magic, shoutout to Jenna Helland. She’s got street cred from her time at Wizards of the Coast, weaving tales for Magic: The Gathering. Jenna’s touch on the lore brings an extra layer of authenticity. It’s like having a seasoned Dungeon Master guiding you through the culinary multiverse.


So, “Cuisines of the Multiverse” is a fun addition to my geeky cookbook collection. Dive into the puns, roll with the organized chaos of planes, and let the immersive lore whisk you away. I’m gearing up for my own culinary quest through the multiverse, fork in hand. Here’s to the magic in the kitchen!

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