Asmodee and FFG’s profits increased by 25% !!

Embracer Group, a powerhouse in the gaming industry, recently unveiled its Q2 2023 financial report, showcasing impressive growth in the Tabletop Games segment. Here’s a closer look at the highlights:

Tabletop Games Surge:

In Q2, the Tabletop Games segment experienced a remarkable 25% increase in net sales, this growth was not only substantial but also exceeded management expectations.

Organic Growth and Positive Margins:

What’s particularly noteworthy is the 15% organic growth within the Tabletop Games segment, reflecting a strong market reception. The profit margin, adjusted for certain factors, went up by 47% compared to last year. This not only shows that the company earned more money but also that it became more efficient in its day-to-day operations.

Asmodee’s Strong Performance:

A significant contributor to this success was Asmodee, a key player within the Embracer Group. Asmodee demonstrated a solid financial performance, compared to the previous year. The company’s cash generation notably improved, aligning with its strategic action plans.

Star Wars™ Unlimited Anticipation:

Looking ahead, there’s excitement building for the anticipated release of the new trading card game, Star Wars™ Unlimited, in Q4. Set to hit the shelves in early March 2024, the game has already garnered overwhelmingly positive reception from both media and consumers, making it a promising addition to Embracer’s portfolio.

Strategic Focus and Future Prospects:

Embracer Group’s strategic emphasis on the Tabletop Games segment appears to be paying off. With a mix more geared towards trading card games, coupled with effective cost-saving measures and positive currency exchange rate changes, the segment seems well-positioned for continued success.

In conclusion, Embracer Group’s Q2 report not only highlights the flourishing Tabletop Games segment but also points towards a future brimming with potential. As the gaming giant continues to make strategic moves and investments, the tabletop gaming enthusiasts can look forward to an exciting array of releases and sustained growth in the coming years.


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