And Keyforge is back….almost!

Today the news was launched that the Keyforge license is acquired by Ghost Galaxy, a game publisher ran by Christian T.Petersen. Christian was one of the original founders of Fantasy Flight Games and played a huge part in launching Keyforge. He later departed from FFG to start Ghost Galaxy!

Return of Keyforge had been rumored by the original designer, Richard Garfield, for a while now. Noone expected it to spin-off into a different publisher though.

Already the rumored set Winds of Exchange has been announced to be the first release, but it might still take some time as Ghost Galaxy is still working on the software engine for deck generation. Some tidbits of info has been given about this set already, such as the return of House Mars, which was already spoiled unofficially a while ago.

The new set will feature a Token mechanic, with unique tokens for each house. Here’s a preview of the tokens of which some could also be sneaked into a Magic: The Gathering deck 😉

With the new set we will also see the introduction of the merchant House Ekwidon, of which currently is not much known except for them being exoticly weird creature designs

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