AHLCG Rumors! Scarlet Keys

Update 08-05-2022: FFG Released the teaser video a few days ago!

Now finally, fan favourite from Eldritch Horror Charlie Kane, will be joining the fray. Charlie’s thing in Eldritch Horror was his buying skills in the shop. Stuff he bought could be shipped immediately to anywhere in the world. How and if this will translate to an Arkham Horror investigator skill is yet to be seen.

Other investigators are Darrell Simmons, Carson Sinclair, Vincent Lee, and two new characters!

In this preview image, which is art from the Campaign Expansion box, we see one of the new investigators with Ece Sahin fleeing what looks like Constantinople (nowadays known as Istanbul). On the left we see the Red Gloved Man, pulling out a knife in what appears to be an attempt to intercept the fugitives.

There’s been a series of teaser images posted on the FFG socials the past weeks, we have collected them for you in this gallery:

Thanks to a slip-up in a product sheet by FFG, we got a peek at an upcoming expansion for the Arkham Horror LCG called The Scarlet Keys. Ofcourse plenty of speculation has already been going on about what this expansion will hold. But first let me state that despite there is only an Investigator expansion listed on this sheet, there will absolutely 100% also be a Campaign Box

So, let’s talk a bit about the rumors for this leak. It is called The Scarlet Keys and will probably feature the Congress of the Keys, which has already popped up before on this card. The lady with the red umbrella is said to be Tzu San Niang.

The girl with the red sash around her waist is called Aliki Zoni Uperetria, who also has her own card.

The guy on the left is known as the red gloved man, RGM for short, and is believed to be an aspect of Nyarlathotep. Maybe he is, maybe he’s not, maybe they all are. It is not clear at this point really, so I guess we’ll just have to go wait and see.

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