Battletech CCG – Limited Edition fully sortable and printable checklist

Accurate IntelligenceMission-None----C
Aerospace Fighter MissionCommand6+5PNone-000C
Alex MalloryCommand3+3T+3PUnique - Davion/Inner Sphere-000R
Ammo ExplosionMission-None----U
Arms ReductionCommand3+8PNone-000R
Arrow IV BatteryCommand1+1M+1LArtillery-030U
Assassin (ASN-21)Unit0+1A+1MInner SphereFast041U
Atlas (AS7-D)Unit7+1LInner SphereSlow3113C
Atlas (AS7-K)Unit7+2A+2L+1MInner Sphere - KuritaSlow3112R
Awesome (AWS-8Q)Unit6Inner SphereSlow3104C
Awesome (AWS-9M)Unit7+1AInner Sphere - MarikSlow3104C
Axman (AXM-1N)Unit6Inner Sphere - Davion - SteinerSlow364R
Banshee (BNC-3E)Unit4Inner SphereSlow392U
Banshee (BNC-5S)Unit8+2AInner Sphere - Davion - SteinerSlow395C
Battalion SupportCommand3+4LNone-210U
Bearer of McKennsy HammerCommand2+2TPilot - Steiner/Inner Sphere-000R
Bjorn JorgenssonCommand3+3TPilot - Ghost Bear/Clan-000R
Black Hawk (A Nova)Unit7+1A+1M+1TClan - OmniModerate175C
Black Hawk (B Nova)Unit5Clan - OmniModerate174C
Black Hawk (D Nova)Unit2+3AClan - OmniModerate170C
Black Hawk (Prime Nova)Unit13+2M+1LClan - OmniModerate177C
Black Knight (BL6-KNT)Unit5+2AInner SphereSlow283U
Blackjack (BJ2)Unit3+2AInner Sphere - DavionSlow163C
Caesar (CES-3R)Unit4+2A+1MInner Sphere - Davion - SteinerSlow265C
Candace LiaoCommand4+2PUnique - SIC/Inner Sphere-421R
Cataphract (CTF-3D)Unit5Inner Sphere - LiaoSlow264U
Catapult (CPLT-C3)Unit5Artillery - Inner Sphere - LiaoSlow263C
Caught in HangarCommand2+4TNone-000C
Centurion (CN9-A)Unit2Inner SphereModerate162C
Centurion (CN9-D)Unit2+2AInner SphereModerate162U
Chaparral Missile TankCommand1+2M+2LArtillery - Inner Sphere-030U
Charger (CGR-1A1)Unit1+1A+1PInner Sphere - KuritaModerate171U
Cicada (CDA-2A)Unit0+1AInner SphereFast031C
Cicada (CDA-3M)Unit1+1AInner Sphere - MarikFast032C
Clint (CLNT-2-3T)Unit1+1AInner SphereModerate132U
Clint (CLNT-2-3U)Unit1+3AInner Sphere - LiaoModerate132U
Combat EngineersCommand3+2M+3LEnhancement-002U
Commando (COM-2D)Unit0+1A+1MInner Sphere - SteinerModerate122C
Communications BlackoutCommand0None-000U
Communications FailureMission-None----R
Comstar Bank AccountCommand0+2AResource - Inner Sphere-150U
Contract with Gray Death LegionCommand1+6PMercenary - Unique - Inner Sphere-242R
Contract with Wolf's DragoonsCommand5+6PMercenary - Unique - Inner Sphere-243R
Coventry Metal WorksCommand0+2PResource - Steiner/Inner Sphere-420V
Critical HitMission-None----C
Crockett (CRK-5003-1)Unit7+2AInner SphereSlow395U
CullingCommand3+3PJade Falcon/Clan-000R
Cyclops (CP11A)Unit4+1AInner SphereSlow174C
Daishi A (Dire Wolf)Unit17+5A+5M+5LClan - Omni - Smoke JaguarSlow41112R
Dasher C (Firemoth)Unit0+1AClan - Omni - Ghost BearFast020U
Dasher D (Firemoth)Unit4+2A+1M+1TClan - Omni - Ghost BearFast023C
Dasher Prime (Firemoth)Unit2+2AClan - OmniFast023C
Death Commando StrikeCommand5+6PSubterfuge - Liao/Inner Sphere-000R
Death From AboveMission-Inner Sphere----U
Dervish (DV-6M)Unit3Inner SphereModerate151C
Dervish (DV-7D)Unit3+1AInner Sphere - DavionModerate162C
DEST PilotCommand3+4TPilot - Kurita/Inner Sphere-002R
Dragon (DRG-1N)Unit2+1AInner Sphere - KuritaModerate172C
Dragonfly A (Viper)Unit6+3A+1MClan - Omni - Ghost BearFast154R
Dragonfly B (Viper)Unit4+1AClan - Omni - Ghost BearFast153U
Dragonfly C (Viper)Unit4+2AAP - Clan - Omni - Ghost BearFast153U
Dragonfly D (Viper)Unit5+1AClan - Omni - Ghost BearFast154U
Dragonfly Prime (Viper)Unit3+2A+1M+2TClan - OmniFast153U
Dropship SiteCommand0+6P+2LNone-060U
Effective GroundworkCommand5+5LNone-000U
Elemental PointCommand0+2AClan-112U
Elias CrichellCommand3+6PUnique - Jade Falcon/Clan-320R
Elite InfantryCommand0+1M+4LEnhancement - Inner Sphere-001R
Elite MechWarriorCommand1+2TPilot-001U
Enforcer (ENF-4R)Unit2+1AInner Sphere - DavionSlow162C
Enforcer (ENF-5D)Unit2+1A+1MInner Sphere - DavionModerate172C
Evantha FetladralCommand0+2TUnique - Wolf/Clan-310R
Expert 'Mech TechniciansCommand2+2LResource-160C
Exterminator (EXT-4D)Unit3+1A+1MInner SphereModerate173U
Extra Armor PlatingCommand0+2AEnhancement-000C
Falcon (FLC-4P)Unit0+1A+1MInner Sphere - Wolf's DragoonsModerate131U
Fenris A (Ice Ferret)Unit3Clan - Omni - WolfFast162U
Fenris C (Ice Ferret)Unit2+3AClan - Omni - WolfFast161C
Fenris D (Ice Ferret)Unit6+2A+1M+1TClan - Omni - WolfFast165C
Fenris Prime (Ice Ferret)Unit3+1A+1M+1TClan - OmniFast163C
Ferro-Fibrous ArmorCommand0+2AEnhancement-000C
Firestarter (FS9-H)Unit0+2A+1TInner SphereModerate131C
Firestarter (FS9-S)Unit1+1AInner SphereModerate131R
Flashman (FLS-8K)Unit8Inner SphereModerate284R
Flea (FLE-17)Unit1+2LInner Sphere - Wolf's DragoonsModerate021U
Forged Mission OrdersMission-None----C
Galen CoxCommand1+5TPilot - Unique - Steiner/Inner Sphere-000R
Gladiator A (Executioner)Unit12+2M+2LClan - Omni - Ghost BearSlow3108U
Gladiator B (Executioner)Unit8+1A+3M+1TClan - Omni - Ghost BearSlow3106R
Gladiator C (Executioner)Unit8+1A+1MClan - Omni - Ghost BearSlow3106U
Gladiator Prime (Executioner)Unit9Clan - OmniSlow3106C
Good Shooting!Mission-None----C
Grand Dragon (DRG-5K)Unit4Inner Sphere - KuritaModerate263C
Grasshopper (GHR-5H)Unit4Inner SphereSlow283C
Gray Death PilotCommand0+2TPilot - Mercenary - Inner Sphere-000U
Grayson Death CarlyleCommand4+8PUnique - Inner Sphere-270R
Guerrilla SupportCommand3+6TOperation - Inner Sphere-490R
Guillotine (GLT-5M)Unit4+2AInner Sphere - MarikSlow274R
Hanse Davion - The FoxCommand6+6PUnique - Davion/Inner Sphere-510R
Hatamoto-Chi (HTM-27T)Unit4Inner Sphere - KuritaSlow383U
Hatchetman (HCT-3F)Unit2+1AInner Sphere - Davion - SteinerSlow143C
Hatchetman (HCT-5S)Unit2+3AInner Sphere - Davion - SteinerSlow162U
Head ShotMission-None----U
Heavy FogMission-None----U
Heavy IndustryCommand0Resource-410V
Helicopter SupportCommand1+4TInner Sphere-000C
Heroic SacrificeMission-None----C
Highlander (HGN-732)Unit6+1AInner SphereSlow3102R
Holographic DecoyCommand0+2A+6PSubterfuge-000C
Hoplite (HOP-4D)Unit1+1A+1MInner Sphere - Wolf's DragoonsSlow181R
Hornet (HNT-171)Unit1+1LInner Sphere - Wolf's Dragoons - DavionModerate031U
Hovertank DetachmentCommand2+4TInner Sphere-000C
Hunchback (HBK-4G)Unit2+1A+1MInner SphereSlow172C
Hussar (HSR 200-D)Unit0+2LInner SphereFast011U
Imp (IMP-3E)Unit7+1LInner Sphere - Wolf's DragoonsSlow3113U
Improvised WeaponMission-Inner Sphere----U
Inexorable AdvanceMission-None----C
Infantry PlatoonCommand0+3LEnhancement-001U
Inside JobCommand0+6PSubterfuge-000C
ISF CounterespionageCommand0Kurita/Inner Sphere-000R
JagerMech (JM6-DD)Unit2+3AInner Sphere - Davion - KuritaSlow153C
JagerMech (JM6-S)Unit1+1AInner Sphere - Davion - LiaoSlow142C
Jaime WolfCommand4+5TUnique - Mercenary - Pilot - Wolf'sDragoons/Inner Sphere-000R
Javelin (JVN-10N)Unit1Inner SphereModerate032C
Jenner (JR7-D)Unit2+1A+1MInner Sphere - KuritaFast122C
Jump into CoverMission-None----U
Justin Xiang AllardCommand3+9PUnique - Davion/Inner Sphere-140R
Kai Allard-LiaoCommand5+7TUnique - Pilot - SIC/Davion/Inner Sphere-003R
Kamikaze MechWarriorCommand2+2TPilot - Kurita/Inner Sphere-000U
Katana (CRK5003-2)Unit5+2A+1MInner Sphere - KuritaSlow274C
Kell Hound PilotCommand0+3TPilot - Mercenary - Inner Sphere-001U
Koshi A (Mist Lynx)Unit0AP - Clan - OmniFast030R
Koshi B (Mist Lynx)Unit4Clan - OmniFast044C
Koshi C Mist LynxUnit3+1A+1M+1TClan - Omni - Smoke JaguarFast033R
Koshi D (Mist Lynx)Unit1+2AClan - OmniFast032U
Koshi Prime (Mist Lynx)Unit1+2AClan - OmniFast032C
Lance CommanderCommand0+3TPilot - Inner Sphere-000U
Lancelot (LNC25-01)Unit4+3AInner SphereModerate254R
Leap Before You LookMission-None----U
Leo ShowersCommand3+5PUnique - Clan-410R
Loki A (Hellbringer)Unit8+3A+3TClan - Omni - Jade FalconModerate155U
Loki B (Hellbringer)Unit5+1A+2MClan - Omni - Jade FalconModerate156U
Loki Prime (Hellbringer)Unit12+1A+2L+2M+3TAP - Clan - OmniModerate156U
Long Range Targeting SystemCommand0+4AEnhancement-000C
Long Tom BatteryCommand4+4M+4LArtillery-030U
Luck of the FoxMission-Davion/Inner Sphere----R
Lured into BogMission-None----U
Mad Cat A (Timber Wolf)Unit14Clan - Omni - WolfModerate299U
Mad Cat B (Timber Wolf)Unit9+1A+1MClan - Omni - WolfModerate297U
Mad Cat C (Timber Wolf)Unit11+4A+1M+1TClan - Omni - WolfModerate295R
Mad Cat D (Timber Wolf)Unit13+4A+4MClan - Omni - WolfModerate297U
Mad Cat Prime (Timber Wolf)Unit15+2LClan - OmniModerate297C
Man O' War A (Gargoyle)Unit12+3MClan - Omni - WolfModerate376R
Man O' War B (Gargoyle)Unit5+2AClan - Omni - WolfModerate374R
Man O' War C (Gargoyle)Unit14+4MClan - Omni - WolfModerate379R
Man O' War Prime (Gargoyle)Unit5+2AClan - OmniModerate374C
Maneuvering AceCommand0+3TPilot-000U
Manipulation of RomanoCommand3+6PSubterfuge - Liao/Inner Sphere-000R
Marik Arms TradeCommand1+2MResource - Marik/Inner Sphere-511V
Marissa MorganCommand1+3TUnique - Marik/Inner Sphere-310R
Masakari A (Warhawk)Unit10+1A+1MClan - OmniSlow3108C
Masakari B (Warhawk)Unit11+3A+3LClan - OmniSlow3108U
Masakari C (Warhawk)Unit13+3M+2LClan - OmniSlow31010R
Masakari Prime (Warhawk)Unit13+3A+5M+3LClan - OmniSlow3910R
Maskirovka OperativesCommand2+4PSubterfuge - Liao/Inner Sphere-310R
Master SpyCommand1+2P+2LSubterfuge-140C
Mauler (MAL-1R)Unit4+1A+1MInner Sphere - KuritaSlow273R
Maverick MechjockCommand0+3TPilot-002U
Melissa Steiner DavionCommand2+2PUnique - Steiner/Inner Sphere-410R
Mercury (MCY-97)Unit0+1AInner SphereFast031U
Mislabeled Drop BoxesCommand0+2PSubterfuge-000U
Misrouted CommandCommand3+6PSubterfuge-000C
Missile SpotterMission-Inner Sphere----U
Mobile HQCommand0+2LResource-411C
Mongoose (MON-66)Unit1+3AInner SphereFast132U
Morgan Hasek DavionCommand4+4TUnique - Davion/Inner Sphere-130R
Morgan KellCommand4+5TUnique - Mercenary - Pilot - Inner Sphere-000R
Move to Partial CoverMission-None----C
NAISCommand3Resource - Davion/Inner Sphere-410V
Natasha KerenskyCommand5+5TUnique - Pilot - Wolf/Clan-003R
Navigation ComputerCommand0+3AEnhancement-000U
Open Supply LinesCommand0+4POperation-260R
Operation Advisory CouncilCommand2+2LResource-150U
Orion (ON1-K)Unit4+1AInner Sphere - MarikSlow292U
Orion (ON1-M)Unit6+2A+1TInner Sphere - MarikSlow293R
OverwhelmMission-Inner Sphere----U
Panther (PNT-9R)Unit1+1AInner Sphere - KuritaSlow142C
Perimeter AlarmCommand2+2A+4LEnhancement-000R
Phantom SignalCommand1+3A+2LNone-160U
PhelanCommand3+4PUnique - Wolf/Clan-420R
Point Defense SystemCommand0+2A+2LEnhancement-000C
Pryde's PrideMission-Jade Falcon/Clan----R
Puma A (Adder)Unit3+1A+1MClan - OmniModerate151C
Puma C (Adder)Unit4+2A+2TClan - OmniModerate152U
Puma Prime (Adder)Unit5+2A+1MClan - OmniModerate154C
Pushing the EnvelopeMission-None----U
Quickdraw (QKD-4G)Unit2+1A+1MInner SphereModerate242C
Quickdraw (QKD-5M)Unit2+2AInner SphereModerate252C
Rapid Cool-DownMission-None----U
Raven (RVN-3L)Unit2+3TInner Sphere - LiaoModerate032U
Reassigned PilotMission-None----R
Report from the WatchCommand0+3PSubterfuge - Wolf/Clan-000R
Retrieve Lost 'MechCommand2+4AOperation-260U
Retrofitted Laser SystemCommand1+4MEnhancement-000U
Retrofitted Missile RackCommand2+3MEnhancement-000U
Romano LiaoCommand0+2PUnique - Liao/Inner Sphere-421R
Rookie PilotCommand2+6PPilot-00-3R
Running BattleMission-None----U
Ryoken A (Storm Crow)Unit11+3A+1MClan - Omni - Smoke JaguarModerate277U
Ryoken D (Storm Crow)Unit6+3AClan - Omni - Smoke JaguarModerate271U
Ryoken Prime (Storm Crow)Unit7+1AClan - OmniModerate276C
Sabotage 'MechCommand1+5PSubterfuge-000C
Sabotaged Heat SinksCommand0+5PSubterfuge - Inner Sphere-000R
Sabotaged MissilesCommand0+5PSubterfuge - Inner Sphere-000R
Sacrifice for the Dragon!Mission-Kurita/Inner Sphere----R
SAFE ReportCommand0Subterfuge - Marik/Inner Sphere-000R
Salvage Strike CrewCommand2+2LNone-000U
Satchel ChargesMission-None----R
Saturation BombingCommand2+7PNone-000C
Scrounger CrewCommand1Resource-310V
Sentinel (STN-3M)Unit0+2A+1MInner Sphere - KuritaModerate132U
Shady BusinessCommand5+5P+2LSubterfuge-000U
Shogun (SHG-2F)Unit5+2A+2TInner Sphere - Wolf's DragoonsSlow383R
Silver Sunburst PilotCommand0+2TPilot - Davion/Inner Sphere-000R
Special Forces OpMission-None----U
Specialized Project TeamCommand0Resource-170C
Spider (SDR-5V)Unit1+1A+1LInner SphereFast031U
Stalker (STK-3F)Unit6+1A+1MInner SphereSlow372C
Stalker (STK-5M)Unit9+2A+2M+1TInner Sphere - MarikSlow384U
Steal 'MechCommand4+6PSubterfuge - Inner Sphere-000R
Strength of the Pillar of SteelMission-Kurita/Inner Sphere----C
Studied MoveMission-None----U
Subhash IndraharCommand1+6PUnique - Kurita/Inner Sphere-421R
Sun Zhang MechWarrior AcademyCommand2Resource - Kurita/Inner Sphere-520V
Support - Assembly (3 versions)Command0Resource-430V
Support - Logistics (3 versions)Command0Resource-430V
Support - Munitions (3 versions)Command0Resource-430V
Support - Politics (3 versions)Command0Resource-430V
Support - Tactics (3 versions)Command0Resource-430V
Takashi KuritaCommand5+3T+6PUnique - Kurita/Inner Sphere-421R
Teachings of the Unfinished BookCommand0Davion/Inner Sphere-000R
Temporary Cease-FireMission-None----U
Theodore KuritaCommand3+5TUnique - Kurita/Inner Sphere-421R
Think TankCommand0Resource-510V
Thomas MarikCommand4+6PUnique - Marik/Inner Sphere-421R
Thor A (Summoner)Unit6+3AClan - OmniModerate265C
Thor B (Summoner)Unit12+1T+1LClan - Omni - Jade FalconModerate263R
Thor C (Summoner)Unit8+1A+1MClan - Omni - Jade FalconModerate266C
Thor D (Summoner)Unit6+1A+2M+1TClan - Omni - Jade FalconModerate266U
Thor Prime (Summoner)Unit6Clan - OmniModerate265C
Thug (THG-11E)Unit6+1AInner SphereSlow384U
Trebuchet (TBT-5N)Unit1+1A+1MInner SphereModerate150C
Trebuchet (TBT-7M)Unit4+1A+2TInner Sphere - MarikModerate152C
Tsen ShangCommand0+3PUnique - Liao/Inner Sphere-130U
Uller B (Kit Fox)Unit2+1A+1MClan - OmniModerate043R
Uller C (Kit Fox)Unit1+2A+1M+1TAP - Clan - Omni - Jade FalconModerate132C
Uller D (Kit Fox)Unit2+1AClan - Omni - Jade FalconModerate130R
Uller Prime (Kit Fox)Unit2+1A+1MClan - OmniModerate044U
UrbanMech (UM-R60)Unit0+2A+1MInner Sphere - LiaoSlow142C
Veteran MechWarriorCommand1+2TPilot-000C
Victor (VTR-9B)Unit4+3AInner SphereSlow273C
Victor (VTR-9K)Unit4+3AInner Sphere - Davion - KuritaSlow274C
Victor Steiner DavionCommand5+6TPilot - Unique - Steiner/Davion/Inner Sphere-520C
Vindicator (VND-1R)Unit1+1A+1MInner Sphere - LiaoSlow162R
Vulcan (VT-5M)Unit0+2A+2MInner Sphere - MarikModerate042C
Vulture A (Mad Dog)Unit12+1A+3M+2LClan - OmniModerate176C
Vulture B (Mad Dog)Unit13+1A+1MClan - OmniModerate177C
Vulture C (Mad Dog)Unit4+1A+1TClan - OmniModerate174R
Vulture Prime (Mad Dog)Unit9Clan - OmniModerate174C
Whitworth (WTH-1)Unit1+1A+1TInner Sphere - Kurita - DavionSlow151C
Whitworth (WTH-2)Unit1+2AInner Sphere - Davion - KuritaSlow151C
Wolf Dragoons PilotCommand1+4TPilot - Mercenary - Inner Sphere-001C
Wolf Trap (WFT-1)Unit2+3AInner Sphere - KuritaModerate152C
Wolfhound (WLF-2)Unit3Inner Sphere - Steiner - DavionModerate153C
Wyvern (WVE-5N)Unit2+1A+1MInner SphereSlow172U
Zeus (ZEU-6S)Unit4Inner Sphere - SteinerSlow273R
Zeus (ZEU-9S)Unit4+3AInner Sphere - Steiner - DavionSlow273C
Zhanzheng de Guang TerrorismCommand3+4PSubterfuge - Inner Sphere - Liao-000C
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