Battletech CCG – House Davion Sealed CE Starter Deck

Not the whole decks were preconstructed. About nine or ten cards were random. I do not know which ones (yet)

CardnameHow Many in Deck
Assassin ASN-231
Banshee BNC-5S1
Blackjack BJ-21
Davion High Command1
Defensive Formation1
Enforcer ENF-5D1
Fanatical Leader1
Forged Mission Orders1
Grasshopper GHR-5H1
Hatchetman Revised HCT-5S1
Jagermech JM6-DD1
Lance Commander1
Luck of the Fox1
‘Mech Trap1
Nightsky Revised NGS-4S1
Penetrator Revised PTR-4D1
Prince Victor Steiner-Davion1
Pushing the Envelope1
Quickdraw QKD-4G1
Risky Combat Jump1
Spider Revised SDR-7M2
Stalker STK-3F1
Stealth STH-1D2
Support: Assembly7
Support: Logistics3
Support: Munitions5
Support: Politics3
Support: Tactics6
Taking the Hit1
Teachings of the Unfinished Book1
Trebuchet TBT-5N1
Vicious Kick1
Wolfhound WLF-21
Zeus ZEU-9S1
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