Battletech CCG – ComStar Sealed CE Starter Decklist

Not the whole decks were preconstructed. About nine or ten cards were random. I do not know which ones (yet)

On the back of each Commander’s Edition preconstructed deck box, you’ll find a playable box power card for the appropriate faction. Box powers are special abilities that give a faction a strategic advantage.

CardnameHow Many in Deck
Awesome AWS-8Q1
Black Knight BL6-KNT1
Com Guard Response Team1
ComStar High Command1
ComStar Investment1
Crockett CRK-5003-11
Cyclops CP 10-Z1
Defensive Formation1
Deploy Reinforcements1
Good Shooting!1
Grand Titan Revised T-IT-N10M1
Grasshopper GHR-5H1
Guillotine GLT-5M1
Hermes II HER-5S1
Hidden Reserves1
Imp Revised IMP-3E1
Inside Job1
Intimidating Paint Job1
King Crab KGC-0001
Kintaro KTO-201
Lancelot LNC25-011
Mongoose MON-661
Pushing the Envelope1
Quickdraw QKD-4G1
QuickDraw QKD-5M1
Sandhurst Royal Military Academy1
Spider Revised SDR-7M2
Stalker STK-3F2
Support: Assembly7
Support: Logistics5
Support: Munitions5
Support: Politics3
Support: Tactics4
Taking the Hit1
Thorn THE-N1
Trebuchet TBT-5N1
Vicious Kick2
Victor VTR-9B1
Zeus ZEU-9S1
TerraBox Power
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