Battletech CCG: Commander’s Edition checklist

On the back of each Commander’s Edition preconstructed deck box, you’ll find a playable box power card for the appropriate faction. Box powers are special abilities that give a faction a strategic advantage.

Accelerated TurnaroundCommand2+2LNone-000U
Adam SteinerCommand3+5P+4TUnique - Inner Sphere - Steiner-230R
Aerospace Fighter MissionCommand4+5PNone-000C
Airstrikes Close to HomeCommand2+6PInner Sphere - Rasalhague-000U
Albatross Revised (ALB-3U)Unit6+3A+3M+3TInner Sphere - MarikSlow374R
Aletha KabrinskiCommand2+1TPilot - Unique - Clan - Ghost Bear-001R
Alex MalloryCommand3+3P+3TUnique - Inner Sphere - Davion-310R
AlshainCommandClan - Ghost Bear-000Box Power
Anastasius FochtCommand4+5PUnique - Inner Sphere - ComStar-520R
Annihilator (ANH-2A)Unit7+1L+3MInner SphereSlow375R
Anvil Revised (ANV-3M)Unit5+3A+3TInner Sphere - MarikModerate264U
Arms ReductionCommand3+8PNone-000R
Arrow IV BatteryCommand1+1L +1MArtillery-030U
Assassin (ASN-23)Unit1Inner SphereFast131U
Assault on the Rear EchelonCommand2+4TNone-000R
Atlas (AS7-D)Unit7+1LInner SphereSlow3113C
Atlas Revised (AS7-K)Unit8+2L+2M+2TInner Sphere - KuritaSlow3113R
Avatar (AV1-OC)Unit5+1TOmni - Inner Sphere - KuritaSlow282U
Awesome (AWS-8Q)Unit6Inner SphereSlow3104C
Awesome Revised (AWS-9M)Unit8+4A+4M+4TInner Sphere - MarikSlow3105C
Bait and SwitchMission-None----U
Banshee (BNC-5S)Unit8+2AInner Sphere - Davion - SteinerSlow395C
Bearer of McKennsy HammerCommand2+2TPilot - Inner Sphere - Steiner-000R
Behemoth (Stone Rhino)Unit11+3A+4L+4MOmni - Clan - Smoke JaguarSlow3118R
Berserker Revised (BRZ-A3)Unit9+4A+4TInner Sphere - Davion - SteinerSlow4114R
Black Hawk A (Nova)Unit7+1A+1M+1TOmni - ClanModerate175C
Black Hawk C Revised (Nova)Unit3+1A+1M+1TOmni - ClanModerate173U
Black Hawk D (Nova)Unit2+3AOmni - ClanModerate170C
Black Hawk Prime (Nova)Unit13+1L +2MOmni - ClanModerate177C
Black Knight (BL6-KNT)Unit5+2AInner Sphere - ComStarSlow283U
Black Lanner PrimeUnit7+3A+3M+3TOmni - ClanFast174R
Black Market ConnectionsCommand2Resource-410U
Blackjack (BJ-2)Unit3+2AInner Sphere - DavionSlow163C
Blackjack (BJ2-OB)Unit4Omni - Inner SphereSlow173U
BlitzkriegMission-Inner Sphere - Marik----R
Blood of KerenskyCommand2+2PResource - Clan - Wolf-510U
Blow the Pass!Mission-Inner Sphere----R
Booty CacheCommand2+4PResource-320R
Brutal PunchMission-Inner Sphere----C
C3 RetrofitCommand1+2TEnhancement - Inner Sphere-0-10U
Caesar Revised (CES-3R)Unit6Inner Sphere - Davion - SteinerSlow266C
Candace LiaoCommand4+2PUnique - Inner Sphere - St. Ives-421R
Catapult (CPLT-C1)Unit4Inner Sphere - LiaoSlow261U
Catapult (CPLT-C3)Unit5Inner Sphere - LiaoSlow263C
Cauldron-Born AUnit10+3MOmni - Clan - Smoke JaguarModerate274R
Centurion (CN9-D)Unit2+2AInner SphereModerate162U
Cerberus (MR-V2)Unit9+3LInner SphereSlow378U
Charger Revised (CGR-3K)Unit5+3A+3TInner Sphere - KuritaModerate362R
Cicada (CDA-3M)Unit1+1AInner Sphere - MarikFast032C
Civilian SettlementCommand3+2PEnhancement - Terrain - Inner Sphere-000U
Clint Revised (CLNT-2-3U)Unit1+1A+2TInner Sphere - LiaoModerate133U
Com Guard Response TeamMission-Inner Sphere----C
Commando (COM-5S)Unit0+1MInner Sphere - SteinerModerate122C
Communications FailureMission-None----R
ComStar High CommandCommand3Unique - Inner Sphere - ComStar-420D
ComStar InvestmentCommand4+4PResource - Inner Sphere - ComStar-420U
ComStar SupportCommand1Resource - Inner Sphere-330C
Contract with 21st Centauri LancersCommand2+6PMercenary - Unique - Inner Sphere-153R
Contract with Black ThornsCommand2+6PMercenary - Unique - Inner Sphere-242R
Contract with Eridani Light HorseCommand1+6PMercenary - Unique - Inner Sphere-242R
Contract with Gray Death LegionCommand1+6PMercenary - Unique - Inner Sphere-242R
Contract with Hansen's RoughridersCommand5+6PMercenary - Unique - Inner Sphere-242R
Contract with Kell HoundsCommand3+6PMercenary - Unique - Inner Sphere-242R
Contract with Northwind HighlandersCommand1+6PMercenary - Inner Sphere-242U
Contract with Snord's IrregularsCommand3+6PMercenary - Unique - Inner Sphere-242R
Coordinator Theodore KuritaCommand4+5PUnique - Inner Sphere - Kurita-421R
Corridor of FireCommand4+3M+5PInner Sphere-000U
Coventry Metal WorksCommand0+2PResource - Inner Sphere - Steiner-420U
Creative TerraformingCommand1+4PNone-000R
Critical HitMission-None----C
Crockett (CRK-5003-1)Unit7+2AInner Sphere - ComStarSlow395U
Cyclops (CP 10-Z)Unit3+2LInner SphereSlow262U
Daikyu (DA1-01)Unit6+2MInner Sphere - KuritaModerate284U
Daimyo (DMO-1K)Unit4+1MInner Sphere - KuritaModerate164C
Daishi Prime (Dire Wolf)Unit19+3A+3L+3MOmni - ClanSlow41111R
Dasher B (Fire Moth)Unit4+2TOmni - Clan - Ghost BearFast023R
Dasher Prime (Fire Moth)Unit2+2AOmni - ClanFast023C
Davion High CommandCommand1+3TUnique - Inner Sphere - Davion-420D
Death Commando StrikeCommand5+6PSubterfuge - Inner Sphere - Liao-000R
Death from AboveMission-Inner Sphere----U
Defensive FormationMission-None----C
Deploy ReinforcementsMission-None----C
Dervish (DV-7D)Unit3+1AInner Sphere - DavionSlow162C
Difficult TerrainCommand2+3TEnhancement - Terrain-000U
Disguised CoordinatesCommand3+6PSubterfuge-000U
Double-Time OffenseCommand4+4LNone-000U
Dr. Ariel ReedCommand0+3PUnique - Inner Sphere-230R
Dragon (DRG-1N)Unit2+1AInner Sphere - KuritaModerate172C
Dragonfly A (Viper)Unit6+3A+1MOmni - Clan - Ghost BearFast154R
Dragonfly B (Viper)Unit4+1AOmni - ClanFast153U
Dragonfly Prime (Viper)Unit3+2A+1M+2TOmni - ClanFast153U
DropShip SiteCommand0+2L+6PNone-060U
Earthwerks LimitedCommand2+2PResource - Inner Sphere - Liao-420R
ECM RetrofitCommand1+2TEnhancement-0-10R
Enforcer (ENF-5D)Unit2+1A+1MInner Sphere - DavionModerate172C
Evantha FetladralCommand0+2TUnique - Clan - Wolf-310R
Exterminator (EXT-4D)Unit3+1A+1MInner Sphere - ComStarModerate173U
Falcon Hawk (FNHK-9K1A)Unit2+2MInner SphereModerate063C
Falconer (FLC-8R)Unit7+3M+3TInner Sphere - DavionModerate284R
Fanatical LeaderCommand2+2TPilot-000U
Fenris C (Ice Ferret)Unit2+3AOmni - Clan - WolfFast161C
Fenris D (Ice Ferret)Unit6+2A+1M+1TOmni - Clan - WolfFast165C
Field Command PostCommand2Resource-510U
Firefly (FFL-4B)Unit1+2AInner SphereModerate052U
Firestarter (FS9-OD)Unit4+2A+1TOmni - Inner SphereModerate162U
First Circuit SummonsCommand2+2L+6PInner Sphere - ComStar-440R
Flashman (FLS-8K)Unit8Inner Sphere - ComStarModerate284R
Flea (FLE-17)Unit1+2LInner SphereModerate021U
Fog-Shrouded MoorsCommand2Enhancement - Terrain-000U
For the Chancellor!Mission-Inner Sphere - Liao----U
Forged Mission OrdersMission-None----C
Galahad (Glass Spider)Unit4+1A+2M+1TClanSlow284C
Gallowglas (GAL-1GLS)Unit5+2M+2TInner SphereSlow284R
GearheadCommand0+2A+2TPilot - Inner Sphere-101C
Ghost Bear High CommandCommand2+2T+1LUnique - Clan - Ghost Bear-420D
Gladiator A (Executioner)Unit12+2L +2MOmni - Clan - Ghost BearSlow3108U
Gladiator B (Executioner)Unit8+1A+1M+1TOmni - Clan - Ghost BearSlow3106R
Good Shooting!Mission-None----C
Grand Dragon (DRG-5K)Unit4Inner Sphere - KuritaModerate263C
Grand Titan Revised (T-IT-N10M)Unit8+3L +3M+3TInner Sphere - ComStarSlow3113C
Grasshopper (GHR-5H)Unit4Inner SphereSlow283C
Grendel PrimeUnit7+1A+2M+2TOmni - ClanFast165C
Grim Reaper (GRM-R-PR29)Unit4+3A+3MInner Sphere - ComStarModerate182C
Guillotine (GLT-5M)Unit4+2AInner Sphere - ComStar - MarikSlow274R
Gunslinger (GUN-1ERD)Unit10Inner Sphere - Davion - KuritaSlow397U
Haakon MagnussonCommand2+3PUnique - Inner Sphere - Rasalhague-421R
Hatamoto-Chi (HTM-27T)Unit4Inner Sphere - KuritaSlow383U
Hatchetman Revised (HCT-5S)Unit3+3AInner Sphere - Davion - SteinerSlow163U
Heavy FogMission-None----U
Heavy WoodsCommand3Enhancement - Terrain-000U
Hellhound (Conjurer)Unit5+3A+1MClan - Jade FalconModerate174U
Hercules (HRC-LS-9000)Unit5+1A+1M+1TInner Sphere - MarikModerate284U
Hermes (HER-1S)Unit1+1AInner Sphere - ComStarFast041C
Hermes II (HER-5S)Unit1+1A+1MInner SphereModerate152C
Heroic SacrificeMission-None----C
Hidden ReservesCommand1+3LNone-000C
Highlander (HGN-732)Unit6+1AInner Sphere - ComStarSlow3102R
Hitman (HM-1)Unit2+2A+1TInner Sphere - KuritaFast042R
Hohiro KuritaCommand2+4P +2TPilot - Unique - Inner Sphere - Kurita-001R
Holographic DecoyCommand0+2A+6PSubterfuge-000U
Hoplite (HOP-4D)Unit1+1A+1MInner SphereSlow181R
Hunchback (HBK-4G)Unit2+1A+1MInner SphereSlow172C
Hunchback IICUnit6+1MClanSlow145C
Hunchback Revised (HBK-5M)Unit2+1L +1MInner SphereSlow173C
HuntressCommandClan - Smoke Jaguar-000Box Power
Huron Warrior (HUR-W0-R4L)Unit4+2MInner Sphere - LiaoModerate173C
Hussar (HSR 200-D)Unit0+2LInner Sphere - ComStarFast011U
Imp Revised (IMP-3E)Unit9+5L+4MInner SphereSlow3113U
Inside JobCommand0+6PSubterfuge-000C
Intimidating Paint JobCommand1+4LEnhancement-000C
IronholdCommandClan - Jade Falcon-000Box Power
ISF CounterespionageCommand0Inner Sphere - Kurita-000R
Jade Falcon High CommandCommand2+1LResource - Unique - Clan - Jade Falcon-420D
Jagermech (JM6-DD)Unit2+3AInner Sphere - Davion - KuritaSlow153C
Jenner (JR7-D)Unit2+1A+1MInner Sphere - KuritaFast122C
Jenner IICUnit3+2MClanFast033C
Jerrard CranstonCommand2+4PUnique - Inner Sphere - Davion-320R
Jump Jet RetrofitCommand0+1TEnhancement-000R
Kai, Champion of SolarisCommand6+4TPilot - Unique - Inner Sphere - Davion-004R
Katana (CRK-5003-2)Unit5+2A+1MInner Sphere - ComStar - KuritaSlow274C
Katherine Steiner-DavionCommand3+5PUnique - Inner Sphere - Steiner-430R
Khan Bjorn JorgenssonCommand3+3TUnique - Clan - Ghost Bear-162R
King Crab (KGC-000)Unit7+4L+4MInner Sphere - ComStarSlow3113R
Kintaro (KTO-19)Unit5+1TInner Sphere - ComStarModerate183U
Kintaro (KTO-20)Unit4+3A+2MInner Sphere - ComStar - KuritaModerate183C
Komodo (KIM-2)Unit6+3A+3M+3TInner Sphere - KuritaModerate156R
Koshi B (Mist Lynx)Unit4Omni - ClanFast044C
Koshi C (Mist Lynx)Unit3+1A+1M+1TOmni - Clan - Smoke JaguarFast033R
Koshi PrimeUnit1+2AOmni - ClanFast032C
Kraken (Bane)Unit8+3A+3LClan - Jade FalconSlow4115U
Kurita High CommandCommand3+3TUnique - Inner Sphere - Kurita-420D
Lance CommanderCommand0+3TPilot - Inner Sphere-000
Lancelot (LNC25-01)Unit4+3AInner Sphere - ComStarModerate254U
Laser System RetrofitCommand1+4MEnhancement-00-1R
Last Stand at HanoverMission-Inner Sphere----U
Linebacker BUnit7+2A+2M+1TOmni - Clan - WolfModerate286U
Linebacker PrimeUnit7+2A+1M+2TOmni - ClanModerate285C
Loki B (Hellbringer)Unit5+1A+2MOmni - Clan - Jade FalconModerate156C
Long Range Targeting SystemCommand0+4AEnhancement-000U
Luck of the FoxMission-Inner Sphere - Davion----R
LuthienCommandInner Sphere - Kurita-000R
Mad Cat B (Timber Wolf)Unit9+1A+1MOmni - Clan - WolfModerate297U
Mad Cat Prime (Timber Wolf)Unit15+2LOmni - Clanoderate297C
Man O' War B (Gargoyle)Unit5+2AOmni - Clan - WolfModerate374R
Man O' War Prime (Gargoyle)Unit5+2AOmni - ClanModerate374C
Marissa MorganCommand1+3TUnique - Inner Sphere - Marik-310R
Masakari Prime (Warhawk)Unit13+3A+3L+5MOmni - ClanSlow3910R
Maskirovka OperativesCommand2+4PSubterfuge - Inner Sphere - Liao-310R
Massive Battlefield ConfusionMission-None----R
Mauler (MAL-1R)Unit4+1A+1MInner Sphere - KuritaSlow273R
'Mech HangarCommand2+2LNone-150C
'Mech TrapCommand4+6PSubterfuge-000C
MedEvac TeamCommand1+2LInner Sphere-310R
Mercenary Commission ContactsCommand0+5PInner Sphere-420R
Misrouted CommandCommand3+6PSubterfuge-000C
Missile Rack RetrofitCommand2+3MEnhancement-00-1U
Missile SpotterMission-Inner Sphere----U
Mongoose (MON-66)Unit1+3AInner Sphere - ComStarFast132U
Morgan Hasek-DavionCommand4+4TUnique - Inner Sphere - Davion-130R
Morgan KellCommand4+5TPilot - Unique - Mercenary - Inner Sphere-000R
Move to Partial CoverMission-None----C
Naga DUnit8+3A+3LOmni - Clan - WolfModerate257U
Naga PrimeUnit8+1A+1TOmni - ClanModerate256U
Naginata (NG-C3A)Unit7+1A+1TInner Sphere - KuritaSlow390U
Narrow ValleyCommand3Enhancement - Terrain-000C
New AvalonCommandInner Sphere - Davion-000Box Power
Night Gyr BUnit6+3A+2MOmni - Clan - Jade FalconSlow295C
Nightsky Revised (NGS-4S)Unit4Inner Sphere - Davion - SteinerModerate173U
Nobori-nin A (Huntsman)Unit6+4A+4TOmni - ClanModerate176U
Omi KuritaCommand4+6PUnique - Inner Sphere - Kurita-410R
OmniMech-Pod CacheCommand3+3A+3LNone-331U
Orion (ON1-M)Unit6+2A+1TInner Sphere - MarikSlow293R
OverwhelmMission-Inner Sphere----U
Owens Revised (OW-1)Unit2+1A+1TOmni - Inner SphereFast061U
Owens Revised (OW-1D)Unit3+1A+1TOmni - Inner Sphere - KuritaFast061R
Panther (PNT-9R)Unit1+1AInner Sphere - KuritaSlow142C
Penetrator Revised (PTR-4D)Unit5+2A+2M+2TInner Sphere - Davion - SteinerSlow284U
Peregrine (Horned Owl)Unit4+1MClanModerate055C
Perimeter AlarmCommand2+2A+4LEnhancement-000R
Phantom AUnit5+2A+3M+3TOmni - Clan - WolfFast154U
Phantom BUnit4+1A+1M+1TOmni - Clan - WolfFast153U
Phantom PrimeUnit4+1A+1M+1TOmni - ClanFast152C
Phelan WardCommand3+4P+2TPilot - Unique - Clan - Wolf-002R
Point Defense SystemCommand0+2A+2LEnhancement-000U
Pouncer BUnit5+1A+2MOmni - Clan - WolfModerate154C
Pouncer CUnit4+4A+4MOmni - Clan - WolfModerate155C
Pouncer PrimeUnit6+1A+1M+2TOmni - ClanModerate155C
Primus Sharilar MoriCommand2+6PUnique - Inner Sphere - ComStar-440R
Prince Victor Steiner-DavionCommand6+4TPilot - Unique - Inner Sphere - Davion-003R
Prometheus (Dire Wolf)Unit20Omni - Unique - Inner Sphere - DavionSlow41110R
Pryde's PrideMission-Clan - Jade Falcon----R
Puma A (Adder)Unit3+1A+1MOmni - ClanModerate151C
Puma C (Adder)Unit4+2A+2TOmni - ClanModerate152U
Puma D (Adder)Unit3+2A+2MOmni - ClanModerate153U
Puma Prime (Adder)Unit5+2A+1MOmni - ClanModerate154C
Pushing the EnvelopeMission-None----U
Quick Salvage OperationMission-None----U
Quickdraw (QKD-4G)Unit2+1A+1MInner SphereModerate242C
Quickdraw (QKD-5M)Unit2+2AInner SphereModerate252C
Rakshasa (MDG-1A)Unit7+3MInner SphereModerate292U
Rapid Cool-DownMission-None----U
Raven (RVN-3L)Unit2+3TInner Sphere - LiaoModerate032U
Reactor BreachMission-None----R
Recon PilotCommand0+4TPilot-000U
Redline PilotCommand3+2TPilot-000C
Relentless AssaultMission-None----U
Repair FacilityCommand0+3AResource-420C
Rhonda SnordCommand3+3P+3TPilot - Unique - Mercenary - Inner Sphere-001R
Rhonda's Highlander (HGN-732)Unit7+1A+2MMercenary - Unique - Inner SphereSlow3103R
Risky Combat JumpMission-None----U
Ristar MechWarriorCommand1+4TPilot - Clan-001R
Rocky GorgeCommand3Enhancement - Terrain-000U
Rolling HillsCommand3Enhancement - Terrain-000U
Rookie PilotCommand2+6PPilot-00-3R
Ryoken B (Stormcrow)Unit9+1A+2L+3MOmni - Clan - Smoke JaguarModerate276R
Ryoken C (Stormcrow)Unit7+1AOmni - Clan - Ghost BearModerate276C
Ryoken D (Stormcrow)Unit6+3AOmni - Clan - Smoke JaguarModerate271U
Sacrifice for the Dragon!Mission-Inner Sphere - Kurita----R
Salamander (PPR-5S)Unit6+4AInner Sphere - Davion - SteinerSlow390R
Sandhurst Royal Military AcademyCommand4+2L+5PInner Sphere - ComStar-233U
Scarabus (SCB-9A)Unit3+1M+1TInner Sphere - Davion - SteinerFast051R
Shin YodamaCommand2+3L+3TPilot - Unique - Inner Sphere - Kurita-001R
Shogun (SHG-2F)Unit5+2A+2TInner SphereSlow383R
Sibko AllegianceMission-Clan----R
Simone DevonCommand2+3P+2TUnique - Inner Sphere - St. Ives-423R
Single CombatCommand3+5TNone-330R
Smoke Jaguar High CommandCommand1+2TResource - Unique - Clan - Smoke Jaguar-420D
Snake (SNK-1V)Unit2+2A+2MInner Sphere - LiaoModerate153C
Solaris Games VeteranCommand3+4TPilot - Inner Sphere-002R
Spider (SDR-5V)Unit1+1A+1LInner SphereFast031U
Spider Revised (SDR-7M)Unit2+1LInner SphereFast032C
St. Ives Operations OfficerCommand0+4PInner Sphere - St. Ives-421U
St. Ives Salvage CrewCommand0+4PInner Sphere - St. Ives-420R
Staging GroundCommand1+2LResource - Inner Sphere - Rasalhague-230U
Stalker (STK-3F)Unit6+1A+1MInner SphereSlow372C
Steal 'MechCommand4+6PSubterfuge - Inner Sphere-000R
Stealth (STH-1D)Unit3+2A+2MInner Sphere - Davion - SteinerFast172C
Steiner High CommandCommand3+5PUnique - Inner Sphere - Steiner-420D
Strafing RunCommand4+6PNone-000C
Strana MechtyCommandClan - Wolf-000Box Power
Strip Mining OperationCommand1+2LResource-250C
Studied MoveMission-None----U
Sun Zhang Mechwarrior AcademyCommand2Resource - Inner Sphere - Kurita-520U
Sunder (SD1-OB)Unit6+3A+3M+3TOmni - Inner Sphere - KuritaSlow3103U
Sun-Tzu LiaoCommand2+4PUnique - Inner Sphere - Liao-512R
Support: AssemblyCommand0Resource - Support-000S
Support: LogisticsCommand0Resource - Support-000S
Support: MunitionsCommand0Resource - Support-000S
Support: PoliticsCommand0Resource - Support-000S
Support: TacticsCommand0Resource - Support-000S
Tactical AdvantageMission-None----C
Tactical NukeCommand2+6M+4PNone-000R
Taking the HitMission-None----C
Targeting AceCommand1+2TPilot-000U
Targeting Computer RetrofitCommand1+3TEnhancement - Clan-0-11U
Teachings of the Unfinished BookCommand0Inner Sphere - Davion-000R
Tempest Revised (TMP-3M)Unit7Inner Sphere - MarikSlow286C
Temporary Cease-FireMission-None----U
TerraCommandInner Sphere - ComStar-000Box Power
TharkadCommandInner Sphere - Steiner-000Box Power
The RemembranceCommand1+3P+3TClan-000R
Think TankCommand0Resource-510C
Thomas MarikCommand4+6PUnique - Inner Sphere - Marik-421R
Thor B Revised (Summoner)Unit7+3M+3TOmni - Clan - Jade FalconModerate263R
Thor D (Summoner)Unit6+1A+2M+1TOmni - Clan - Jade FalconModerate266U
Thorn (THE-N)Unit0+1A+2LInner Sphere - ComStarModerate041C
Thumper BatteryCommand2+2L +2MArtillery-030U
Thunder (THR-1L)Unit5+1A+1L+1MInner Sphere - LiaoModerate293C
ToppleMission-Inner Sphere----C
Tracking System FailureCommand1+4PEnhancement-00-2C
Training FacilityCommand0+3TNone-530U
Trebuchet (TBT-5N)Unit1+1A+1MInner SphereModerate150C
Trebuchet (TBT-7M)Unit4+1A+2TInner Sphere - MarikModerate152U
Turkina AUnit11+5A+5MOmni - Clan - Jade FalconSlow3115U
Uller B (Kit Fox)Unit2+1A+1MOmni - ClanModerate043C
Uller D (Kit Fox)Unit2+1AOmni - Clan - Jade FalconModerate130U
Uller Prime (Kit Fox)Unit2+1A+1MOmni - ClanModerate044C
Underworld ConnectionsCommand0+2LInner Sphere-012U
Unnamed SourcesCommand2+6PSubterfuge-000U
UrbanMech (UM-R63)Unit0+1AInner Sphere - LiaoSlow142C
UrbanMech IICUnit1+2A+2MClanSlow143C
Venom Revised (SDR-9K)Unit2+2A+2TInner Sphere - KuritaFast032U
Veteran MechWarriorCommand1+2TPilot-000C
Vicious KickMission-Inner Sphere----C
Victor (VTR-9B)Unit4+3AInner SphereSlow273C
Victor (VTR-9K)Unit4+3AInner Sphere - Davion - KuritaSlow274C
Vindicator Revised (VND-3L)Unit2Inner Sphere - LiaoSlow163U
Vlad of the WardsCommand2+5TPilot - Unique - Clan - Wolf-000R
Vulture C (Mad Dog)Unit4+1A+1TOmni - ClanModerate174C
Vulture Prime (Mad Dog)Unit9Omni - ClanModerate174C
Whitworth (WTH-1)Unit1+1A+1TInner Sphere - Davion - KuritaSlow151C
Wolf High CommandCommand2+2TUnique - Clan - Wolf-420D
Wolfgang HansenCommand2+4TMercenary - Unique - Inner Sphere-432R
Wolfhound (WLF-2)Unit3Inner Sphere - Davion - SteinerModerate153C
Work StoppageCommand3+6PInner Sphere - St. Ives-320U
Wraith (TR1)Unit4+3A+2TInner Sphere - Liao - MarikFast173C
Wyvern (WVE-5N)Unit2+1A+1MInner Sphere - ComStarSlow172R
Wyvern IICUnit5+4A+3MClanSlow174C
Yen-Lo-Wang (CN9-YLW)Unit5+2A+3MUnique - Inner Sphere - Davion - St. IvesModerate163R
Zeus (ZEU-9S)Unit4+3A'Mech - Inner Sphere - Davion - SteinerSlow273C
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