Battletech CCG – Clan Wolf CE Starter Deck

Not the whole decks were preconstructed. About nine or ten cards were random. I do not know which ones (yet)

On the back of each Commander’s Edition preconstructed deck box, you’ll find a playable box power card for the appropriate faction. Box powers are special abilities that give a faction a strategic advantage.

CardnameHow Many in Deck
Black Hawk C Revised Nova1
Black Hawk D Nova1
Blood of Kerensky1
Dragonfly Prime Viper1
Fenris C Ice Ferret1
Fenris D Ice Ferret1
Galahad Glass Spider1
Good Shooting!1
Jenner IIC1
Linebacker B1
Mad Cat B Timber Wolf1
Man o' War B Gargoyle1
Man o’ War Prime Gargoyle1
Naga D1
Peregrine Horned Owl1
Phantom A1
Phantom B1
Phelan Ward1
Pouncer B1
Pouncer C1
Strip Mining Operation1
Support: Assembly7
Support: Logistics3
Support: Munitions6
Support: Politics3
Support: Tactics5
Targeting Computer Retrofit1
Think Tank1
Uller B Kit Fox2
Uller Prime Kit Fox2
Unnamed Sources1
UrbanMech Iic2
Vulture C Mad Dog1
Wolf High Command1
Strana MechtyBox Power
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