Battletech CCG – Clan Ghost Bear CE Starter Deck

Not the whole decks were preconstructed. About nine or ten cards were random. I do not know which ones (yet)

On the back of each Commander’s Edition preconstructed deck box, you’ll find a playable box power card for the appropriate faction. Box powers are special abilities that give a faction a strategic advantage.

CardnameHow Many in Deck
Aerospace Fighter Mission1
Aletha Kabrinski1
Black Hawk C Revised Nova1
Dasher Prime Fire Moth2
Dragonfly A Viper1
Dragonfly B Viper1
Dragonfly Prime Viper1
Ghost Bear High Command1
Gladiator A Executioner1
Gladiator B Executioner1
Good Shooting!2
Heavy Fog1
Heroic Sacrifice1
Koshi B Mist Lynx1
‘Mech Hangar1
Man o’ War Prime Gargoyle1
Move to Partial Cover1
Naga Prime1
Nobori-nin A Huntsman1
Pouncer Prime2
Puma D Adder1
Pushing the Envelope1
Redline Pilot1
Ryoken C Stormcrow1
Support: Assembly8
Support: Logistics3
Support: Munitions5
Support: Politics3
Support: Tactics5
Tactical Advantage1
ULLER B Kit Fox1
ULLER Prime Kit Fox1
UrbanMech IIC1
Wyvern IIC1
Zeus ZEU-9S1
AlshainBox Power
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