Babylon 5 CCG – A grand list of all promo cards ever made for Bab 5 TCG!

A Meeting of MindsPromoEventPsi CorpsInquest Gamer #47 (March. '99)
Asimov LawsPromoConflictThe Great WarScrye (Sept. '98)
Attack FormationPromoEventThe Great WarBabylon 5 Magazine (Sept. '98)
Bombing RunPromoEventPremiere
Brevari!PromoEventSevered DreamsScrye (Nov./Dec. '99)
Broken AllegiancePromoEventThe ShadowsUK Power Magazine #8 ('98)
Bureaucratic ControlsPromoEnhancementThe ShadowsGamer Magazine (May/June '98) / Collect! (Apr. '98)
Captain PiercePromoCharacterPremiere
Charting the CourseBox Topper/PromoEventThe Great War
Contact First OnesPromoAftermathPremiere
Credit ShipPromoEnhancementThe ShadowsScrye 5.3 (Aug. '98)
Cultural ConnectionsPromoAftermathPremiere
Defector RevealedPromoEventThe Great War
Defense TreatyPromoConflictThe ShadowsGeorgia Music and Sports
Destined to BePromoEventPremiere
Destroy OppositionPromoConflictPremiere
DisarrayPromoAftermathThe Great WarGamer Magazine (Sept./Oct. '98) / Collect! ('98)
Doctor FranklinPromoCharacterPremiere
DodgerPromoCharacterSevered DreamsInquest #56 ('99)
Elder StatesmanPromoEnhancementPsi Corps
Evidence of ShadowsPromoEventThe ShadowsDuelist Vol. 5 #5 (May '98)
ExhaustionPromoEventThe Great WarDistributors; Zeta Squadron
FlarnPromoEventWheel of Fire
For the FuturePromoEventDeluxe
Gaim MerchantPromoCharacterThe Great WarZeta Squadron
Inconclusive StrikePromoEventThe ShadowsZeta Squadron
Join the CorpsPromoEnhancementPsi CorpsSci-Fi Universe Magazine Vol. 5 #3
Junk FoodBox TopperEventCrusade
Lack of DirectionPromoAftermathPremiere
Lyta EmpoweredPromoCharacterThe Great WarDistributors
Monitored DealPromoEventPremiere
Past VictoriesPromoEnhancementThe ShadowsTournaments
Psi ArbitratorsPromoGroupPsi CorpsScrye
Psi SpiesPromoEnhancementPsi CorpsDel Rey Books mail-in
Return to IdealsPromoEventThe Great War
Rogue TelepathPromoCharacterDeluxe
Secrets of SuccessPromoEventSevered DreamsTournament Winners
Shadow ContactPromoCharacterThe ShadowsScrye 5.2
Solo FlightPromoEventCrusade
Suppress the MediaPromoConflictPremiere
TareePromoEventSevered Dreams
The DreamingBox TopperEnhancementPsi Corps
The Just SufferPromoEventThe Great WarRangers at Babylon 5 CCG Demos
The Third AgePromoEventCrusade
Tip-Top ShapePromoAftermathCrusade
Unrelenting PressurePromoEnhancementThe ShadowsCollect! (Apr. '98)
Veteran FleetPromoEnhancementThe ShadowsConventions Summer '98
Zathra'sPromoCharacterThe Great WarScrye 5.5 (Nov. '98)
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