Aliens vs. Predator CCG – Atmosphere, the Expansion that never got published

This expansion was set to add a new card type, traps, and to add the previously unseen characters from Predator into the fray. Sadly, Arnold Schwarzenegger refused to allow his likeness to be used in the card game, so the set was never printed.

Acidic ResidueEvent-
Adaptive LeadershipEvent-
Advanced HiveCondition-
Ain't Got Time to BleedEvent-
Airfield 112Location-
Alien SentryMain CharacterAlien
AnnaSupporting CharacterHuman
Automated Return SystemItemPredator
Clan GladiatorMain CharacterPredator
Claymore MineItemHuman
Corruption VirusEvent-
Covered in MudEvent-
Cpl. HawkinsMain CharacterHuman
Cpt. PanchoMain CharacterHuman
Crash SiteLocation-
Custom Data DriveItemHuman
Dark SpiritMain CharacterPredator
Dense JungleLocation-
Dishonorable DefeatEvent-
DucheckMain CharacterHuman
Dug in Like an Alabama TickEvent-
Elevator ShaftCross Location-
Elite GuardMain CharacterAlien
For His Own GoodEvent-
Forced EntryEvent-
GatesMain CharacterHuman
Genetic Experiment: Alien AwarenessEvent-
Genetic Experiment: Aquatic AdaptationEvent-
Genetic Experiment: Augmented IntelligenceEvent-
Guerrilla Base CampLocation-
H.E.A.P. RoundsEvent-
Headlong RushEvent-
Helping HandEvent-
He's Busted Up Pretty BadEvent-
Hidden EggEvent-
High GroundEvent-
Hived TunnelsCross Location-
Honorable ExperienceEvent-
Human ShieldEvent-
I Saw SomethingEvent-
I See YouEvent-
In Harms WayEvent-
Inherent StealthEvent-
Instinctive SwarmEvent-
Integrated Repair ModuleItemPredator
Intravascular StimulantItemPredator
Lock 'n LoadEvent-
Lone ShadowMain CharacterPredator
M27 UziItemHuman
M77 MinigunItemHuman
M577 Armored Personnel CarrierVehicleHuman
M932 Turret Mounted Assault CannonVehicle Item-
Maintenance BayLocation-
Maintenance ShaftsCross Location-
Major DutchMain CharacterHuman
Makeshift Long Bow (sic)ItemHuman
Marine PrisonersSupporting CharacterHuman
Massive Blood LossEvent-
Medical ScannerVehicle Item-
Mortal WoundEvent-
Natural InstinctEvent-
Net TrapEvent-
Night StalkerMain CharacterPredator
Nothing Could Have Lived at That RangeEvent-
Pack CryEvent-
Payback TimeEvent-
Plasma ShieldingItemPredator
Primitive TrapsEvent-
Prisoner TransportVehicleHuman
Prophecy StonesEvent-
Put 'Em on a LeashEvent-
RaftersCross Location-
Razor's EdgeEvent-
RE7000 20mm Gatling CannonVehicle Item-
Recessive GuardMain CharacterAlien
Restricted InformationEvent-
Rocky FissureCross Location-
Royal EmbryoEvent-
Sgt BillyMain CharacterHuman
Sgt BlainMain CharacterHuman
Sgt MacMain CharacterHuman
Sniper's RoostCross Location-
SpikeSupporting CharacterHuman
Stolen I.F.F.S.ItemHuman
Subterranean TunnelsCross Location-
Survival Has a PriceEvent-
Sweep PatternEvent-
Swinging LogEvent-
Target Acquisition ErrorEvent-
Teflon Coated RoundsItemHuman
The Elders Are WatchingCondition-
The KidMain CharacterHuman
There Are MonstersEvent-
Theres Something in Those Trees (sic)Event-
They Just DisappearedEvent-
Trail of BloodEvent-
Tread LightlyEvent-
Treetop SanctuaryCross Location-
Unfair OddsEvent-
Unfinished BusinessEvent-
Using the TreesEvent-
Voice MimicryEvent-
Weakened ArmorEvent-
Weapons MasterMain CharacterPredator
We're a Rescue Team...Condition-
What Do These Pulse Rifles Here?Event-
You're Ghosting UsEvent-
Youre Under Orders Major (sic)Event-
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