AD&D Collectors Cards – Series 1 (1991)

These collector cards were the spiritual predecessor for the Spellfire CCG

1AliasForgotten RealmsInsert in Dragon #160
2Bruenor BattlehammerForgotten RealmsInsert in Dragon #160
3DragonbaitForgotten RealmsInsert in Dragon #160
4MidnightForgotten RealmsInsert in Dragon #160
5Prince Tristan KendrickForgotten RealmsInsert in Dragon #160
6RobynForgotten RealmsInsert in Dragon #160
7Shandril ShessairForgotten RealmsInsert in Dragon #160
8Olive RuskettleForgotten RealmsInsert in Dragon #160
9Raistlin MajereDragonlanceInsert in Dragon #160
10Caramon MajereDragonlanceInsert in Dragon #160
11Tika Waylan MajereDragonlanceInsert in Dragon #160
12Tasslehoff BurrfootDragonlanceInsert in Dragon #160
13Tanis Half-ElvenDragonlanceInsert in Dragon #160
14GoldmoonDragonlanceInsert in Dragon #160
15LauranaDragonlanceInsert in Dragon #160
16Kitiara Uth MatarDragonlanceInsert in Dragon #160
17DalamarDragonlanceInsert in Dragon #160
18AldarrAD&D 2nd Edition
19ImpAD&D 2nd Edition
20ElkoremarrAD&D 2nd Edition
21FirbolgAD&D 2nd Edition
22Hill GiantAD&D 2nd Edition
23Pyrosternia, Red DragonAD&D 2nd Edition
24Chlormordia, Green DragonAD&D 2nd Edition
25Dagaronzie, Green DragonAD&D 2nd Edition
26Ar-KaneAD&D 2nd Edition
27RenwoodAD&D 2nd Edition
28Crystal BallAD&D 2nd EditionRare-2
29Gem of InsightAD&D 2nd Edition
30Talamar ThraydinAD&D 2nd Edition
31SorvaniAD&D 2nd Edition
32Boris NahalAD&D 2nd Edition
33Mara KorvinAD&D 2nd Edition
34NastorrianAD&D 2nd Edition
35Jalen LangAD&D 2nd Edition
36Dwyam MarzDragonlanceRare-2
37Shonorr, Bronze DragonDragonlance
38Candle of InvocationAD&D 2nd Edition
39Ring of Fire ResistanceAD&D 2nd Edition
40Water WeirdAD&D 2nd Edition
41HawkAD&D 2nd Edition
42Zollrendar, Red DragonAD&D 2nd EditionRare-2
44Tarninia, Black DragonAD&D 2nd Edition
46Snakes, GiantAD&D 2nd Edition
47KagonAD&D 2nd Edition
48RandoerAD&D 2nd Edition
49DrentAD&D 2nd Edition
50BylquoreAD&D 2nd Edition
51Wand of FrostAD&D 2nd Edition
52Gauntlets of DexterityAD&D 2nd Edition
53Sword +2, Giant SlayerAD&D 2nd Edition
54Cloak of ElvenkindAD&D 2nd Edition
55Vandrillon, Red DragonAD&D 2nd Edition
56Baron RykoffeAD&D 2nd Edition
57Panndallor, Gold DragonAD&D 2nd Edition
58SmilodonAD&D 2nd Edition
59Lizard Man KingAD&D 2nd Edition
61Death KnightAD&D 2nd Edition
62HeucuvaAD&D 2nd Edition
63Dagger of VenomAD&D 2nd Edition
64Quiver of Ehlonna & Bow +1AD&D 2nd Edition
65BledorownAD&D 2nd Edition
69Anatoly Crarr, VampireAD&D 2nd Edition
70GargoyleAD&D 2nd Edition
71Max RinnenAD&D 2nd Edition
72Frost GiantAD&D 2nd Edition
73Cloak of Protection +2AD&D 2nd Edition
74Sword +3, Frost BrandAD&D 2nd Edition
75Helm of Opposite AlignmentAD&D 2nd Edition
76Helm of Underwater ActionAD&D 2nd Edition
79NorsinnowAD&D 2nd EditionRare-2
80Hell HoundAD&D 2nd Edition
81Chhe PhouForgotten Realms
82KrazzoraAD&D 2nd Edition
83LakkononAD&D 2nd Edition
84ZendhoraAD&D 2nd Edition
85GorsommAD&D 2nd Edition
86Short Sword of QuicknessAD&D 2nd Edition
87Helm of TeleportationAD&D 2nd Edition
88Brazier of Commanding Fire ElementalsAD&D 2nd Edition
89Neerga, Green DragonDragonlance
90Azurem, Blue DragonDragonlance
91Kapak DraconianDragonlance
92Bozak DraconianDragonlance
93Glaze, White DragonDragonlanceRare-2
94Magma, Red DragonDragonlance
95Amulet of Inescapable LocationAD&D 2nd Edition
96Horn of FogDragonlance
97Gunthar IronbeardAD&D 2nd Edition
98Thraygar BlackbeardAD&D 2nd Edition
99PersephoneAD&D 2nd Edition
100GimballonAD&D 2nd Edition
101GarthAD&D 2nd Edition
102UthracAD&D 2nd Edition
103Staff of CuringAD&D 2nd Edition
104Bracers of ArcheryAD&D 2nd Edition
105DrakkimorAD&D 2nd Edition
106EliannaAD&D 2nd Edition
107OwlbearAD&D 2nd Edition
108TalamiusAD&D 2nd EditionRare-2
109Salem IronringGreyhawk
110Bartolus MenkGreyhawk
113MasakitoForgotten Realms
114TakakoForgotten Realms
115RandronAD&D 2nd Edition
116TalthoronAD&D 2nd Edition
117Gem of SeeingAD&D 2nd Edition
118Libram of Gainful ConjurationAD&D 2nd Edition
119Sword +2, Nine Lives StealerAD&D 2nd EditionRare-2
120ThunderstormForgotten Realms
121EttinAD&D 2nd Edition
122KlarendenAD&D 2nd Edition
123NobiliusAD&D 2nd Edition
124OniForgotten Realms
125OrsosAD&D 2nd EditionRare-2
126Staff of PowerAD&D 2nd EditionRare-2
127Pouch of AccessibilityAD&D 2nd Edition
128Axe of Hurling +4AD&D 2nd Edition
129Helm of Comprehending Languages and Reading MagicAD&D 2nd Edition
130Cloak of DisplacementAD&D 2nd Edition
131Mirror of OppositionAD&D 2nd Edition
132HeronimusAD&D 2nd Edition
133OrianaAD&D 2nd Edition
134MardusAD&D 2nd Edition
135Checklist 2: 18–78AD&D 2nd Edition
136Checklist 3: 79–137AD&D 2nd Edition
137Checklist 1: 1–17, 738–746AD&D 2nd Edition
138Skie, Blue DragonDragonlance
139Fewmaster ToedeDragonlance
140Lord VerminaardDragonlance
141Ember, Red DragonDragonlance
142VaporighuAD&D 2nd Edition
143MaelephantAD&D 2nd Edition
144BebilithAD&D 2nd EditionRare-2
145Boccob's Blessed BookAD&D 2nd Edition
146Boots of LevitationAD&D 2nd Edition
147Boots of SpeedAD&D 2nd Edition
148CloakerForgotten Realms
149Thri-kreen (Mantis Warrior)Forgotten Realms
150MeazelForgotten Realms
151OrcAD&D 2nd Edition
152Prince TorvilAD&D 2nd Edition
153Oceana, Blue DragonAD&D 2nd Edition
154Sword of the PlanesAD&D 2nd Edition
155Wand of IllusionAD&D 2nd Edition
156Flask of CursesAD&D 2nd Edition
157Gloves of Missile SnaringAD&D 2nd Edition
158CrysaniaAD&D 2nd Edition
159PuccalliAD&D 2nd EditionRare-2
160BeholderAD&D 2nd Edition
161FejyelsaeAD&D 2nd Edition
162OgreAD&D 2nd Edition
163Gully DwarfDragonlance
164MartinAD&D 2nd Edition
165KrazenAD&D 2nd Edition
166Allisa of the MistsForgotten Realms
167Bowl Commanding Water ElementalsAD&D 2nd Edition
168Censer of Summoning Hostile Air ElementalsAD&D 2nd Edition
169Warrior, SkeletonDragonlance
170Dergard, Red DragonDragonlance
171Izz'terlAD&D 2nd Edition
172Tessen LederAD&D 2nd Edition
173Grazaria, Green DragonAD&D 2nd Edition
174UnicornAD&D 2nd Edition
175Palin MajereDragonlance
176Dougan RedhammerDragonlance
177Princess LineaGreyhawk
178Hettman Dorbin TsurinGreyhawk
181WolfAD&D 2nd Edition
182Marshana, Green DragonDragonlance
185Mind FlayerSpelljammer
186OrkondonAD&D 2nd Edition
187MichaelaAD&D 2nd Edition
188Geoff of EaslonAD&D 2nd Edition
189TorrinceAD&D 2nd Edition
190SakorniaAD&D 2nd Edition
191AlazarAD&D 2nd Edition
192EriadneAD&D 2nd Edition
193Sword +1, CursedAD&D 2nd Edition
194Rod of TerrorAD&D 2nd Edition
195Staff of WitheringAD&D 2nd Edition
196Bag of HoldingAD&D 2nd Edition
197Bucknard's Everfull PurseAD&D 2nd Edition
198Boots of the NorthAD&D 2nd Edition
199Wand of FearAD&D 2nd Edition
200Scroll, Protection from MagicAD&D 2nd Edition
201Wand of Enemy DetectionAD&D 2nd Edition
202Broom of FlyingAD&D 2nd Edition
203Decanter of Endless WaterAD&D 2nd Edition
204Tome of Clear ThoughtAD&D 2nd EditionRare-2
205Sikkin Wu, Shen Lung or Spirit DragonForgotten Realms
206Go-Zu-OniForgotten Realms
207Jiki-ketsu-gakiForgotten Realms
208Rod of SmitingAD&D 2nd EditionRare-2
209Cloak of the BatAD&D 2nd Edition
210Cyan Bloodbane, Green DragonDragonlance
211King Lorac CaladonDragonlance
216Blaze, Red DragonDragonlanceRare-2
217KorumunduAD&D 2nd Edition
218Blizzard, White DragonAD&D 2nd Edition
219Onyx, Black DragonDragonlanceRare-2
220ElspethAD&D 2nd Edition
221Smolder, Red DragonAD&D 2nd Edition
222Valdemari, Bronze DragonDragonlance
225Odin "All Father"AD&D 2nd Edition
226DoralAD&D 2nd Edition
227RagnaAD&D 2nd Edition
228BruinthorAD&D 2nd Edition
229AraxAD&D 2nd Edition
230Helm of TelepathyAD&D 2nd Edition
231Dagger +2, LongtoothAD&D 2nd Edition
232Large Shield +1, +4 vs. missilesAD&D 2nd Edition
233Sword +1, Flame TongueAD&D 2nd Edition
234Bracers of DefenseAD&D 2nd Edition
235Bag of TransmutingAD&D 2nd Edition
236Pearl of WisdomAD&D 2nd Edition
237HaninahAD&D 2nd Edition
238Dirck of WildspaceSpelljammer
239Inferno, Red DragonAD&D 2nd Edition
240PegasusAD&D 2nd Edition
241Azurem, Blue DragonDragonlance
242IdunaAD&D 2nd Edition
243CasimirForgotten RealmsRare-2
244Fire Giant, UndeadAD&D 2nd Edition
245MalchusAD&D 2nd Edition
246AyameeAD&D 2nd Edition
247PhilemonAD&D 2nd EditionRare-2
248Flame, Red DragonAD&D 2nd Edition
249Aurum, Gold DragonAD&D 2nd Edition
250Ren o' the BladeForgotten Realms
251DracolichForgotten RealmsRare-2
252Chou LingForgotten Realms
253Drizzt Do'UrdenForgotten Realms
254WulfgarForgotten Realms
255Checklist 4: 138–177AD&D 2nd Edition
256Checklist 5:178–217AD&D 2nd Edition
257Checklist 6: 218–257AD&D 2nd Edition
258Necklace of AdaptationAD&D 2nd Edition
259Robe of StarsAD&D 2nd Edition
260Gauntlets of Ogre PowerAD&D 2nd Edition
261Astral DreadnoughtAD&D 2nd Edition
262ClaudaniusAD&D 2nd EditionRare-1
263NanzarAD&D 2nd Edition
264ShabalaAD&D 2nd Edition
265KorindellAD&D 2nd EditionRare-1
266SukariForgotten Realms
267Ki-rinForgotten Realms
268BayalunForgotten Realms
269RanachForgotten Realms
270DhoranForgotten Realms
271Yamun KhahanForgotten Realms
272SamuelForgotten Realms
273CarmenForgotten Realms
274WerebearAD&D 2nd Edition
275DwarinomAD&D 2nd Edition
276Finder Wyvernspur, The Nameless BardForgotten Realms
277GryphtForgotten Realms
278Giogioni WyvernspurForgotten Realms
279Mind FlayerSpelljammerRare-1
282Sonya Dell'Anar, VampireForgotten Realms
283Cork RenfordForgotten Realms
284OrogForgotten Realms
285Boots of DancingAD&D 2nd Edition
286Cloak of PoisonousnessAD&D 2nd Edition
287Morning Star +3AD&D 2nd Edition
288Sword +5, Holy AvengerAD&D 2nd Edition
289Bracers of DefenselessnessAD&D 2nd Edition
290Hat of DisguiseAD&D 2nd Edition
291The PereghostForgotten Realms
292KhomanForgotten Realms
293DazarForgotten Realms
294ChalakForgotten Realms
295Githyanki KnightAD&D 2nd Edition
296Githyanki MageAD&D 2nd EditionRare-1
297Eldred TreydarrAD&D 2nd Edition
298Edomira, "Red Watcher"AD&D 2nd EditionRare-1
299Mist WolfGreyhawk
300Sea ZombieGreyhawk
302ArinaAD&D 2nd Edition
303KendallarAD&D 2nd Edition
304Quagmiela, Green DragonGreyhawk
306Static, Blue DragonDragonlance
307Crimson, Red DragonDragonlance
308Gauntlets of Swimming and ClimbingAD&D 2nd Edition
309Jewel of AttacksAD&D 2nd Edition
310Brooch of ShieldingAD&D 2nd Edition
311Harp of CharmingAD&D 2nd Edition
312Mirror of Mental ProwessAD&D 2nd Edition
313Arrow of DirectionAD&D 2nd Edition
314Staff-SpearAD&D 2nd Edition
315Robe of VerminAD&D 2nd Edition
316KarlottForgotten Realms
317JolietForgotten Realms
318MalakanAD&D 2nd Edition
319MakenzieAD&D 2nd Edition
320PallandraForgotten Realms
321Tysiln SanGreyhawk
322ElephantAD&D 2nd Edition
323XanthomAD&D 2nd Edition
324Elad EdalsAD&D 2nd Edition
325MiltiadesAD&D 2nd Edition
326Goram, Hill GiantAD&D 2nd Edition
327Varalla, Lich-QueenForgotten Realms
328PseudodragonForgotten Realms
329SandorAD&D 2nd Edition
330Lycanthrope, WerewolfAD&D 2nd Edition
332KraitonAD&D 2nd Edition
333EmiliaAD&D 2nd Edition
334Ian JytmanAD&D 2nd Edition
335JuliusAD&D 2nd Edition
336Finian GarwoodeAD&D 2nd Edition
337MarquisAD&D 2nd Edition
338MavisAD&D 2nd Edition
339RamseyAD&D 2nd Edition
340Avildar, Red DragonAD&D 2nd Edition
341EinarAD&D 2nd Edition
342CarolynAD&D 2nd Edition
343VolmerAD&D 2nd Edition
344Catriona, VampireAD&D 2nd Edition
345Emerentia, Gold DragonGreyhawk
347Wand of Metal and Mineral DetectionAD&D 2nd Edition
348Cloak of the Manta RayAD&D 2nd Edition
349Sword +2, Dragon SlayerAD&D 2nd Edition
350Manual of Stealthy PilferingAD&D 2nd Edition
351Beaker of Plentiful PotionsAD&D 2nd Edition
352Axe +2, ThrowingAD&D 2nd Edition
353Sword +4, DefenderAD&D 2nd Edition
354Amulet of Life ProtectionAD&D 2nd Edition
358ChadAD&D 2nd Edition
360Jewel of FlawlessnessAD&D 2nd Edition
361Universal SolventAD&D 2nd Edition
362Efreeti BottleAD&D 2nd Edition
363Keoghtom's OintmentAD&D 2nd Edition
364GhengalForgotten Realms
365Sandiraksiva, The Black CourserForgotten Realms
366Cephus, Blue DragonDragonlance
367Nolzur's Marvelous PigmentsAD&D 2nd Edition
368Poresche, Red DragonDragonlance
370GulianForgotten Realms
371WendelForgotten Realms
372ZombieAD&D 2nd Edition
373CandaceAD&D 2nd Edition
374Sturm BrightbladeDragonlance
375Checklist 7: 258–297AD&D 2nd Edition
376Checklist 8: 298–337AD&D 2nd Edition
377Checklist 9: 338–377AD&D 2nd Edition
382Grim ReaperRavenloft
385Minotaur of TaladasDragonlance
386Carpet of FlyingAD&D 2nd Edition
387Manual of Bodily HealthAD&D 2nd Edition
388Talisman of Pure GoodAD&D 2nd Edition
389Pipes of HauntingAD&D 2nd Edition
390Gem of BrightnessAD&D 2nd Edition
391Staff of StrikingAD&D 2nd Edition
392Robe of PowerlessnessAD&D 2nd Edition
393Stone of Good LuckAD&D 2nd Edition
394Wand of Secret Door and Trap LocationAD&D 2nd Edition
395Necklace of StrangulationAD&D 2nd Edition
396Periapt of Wound ClosureAD&D 2nd EditionRare-2
397Obliviax (Memory Moss)AD&D 2nd Edition
398MummyAD&D 2nd Edition
399Mud-manAD&D 2nd Edition
400Mold, BrownAD&D 2nd Edition
401Mold, YellowAD&D 2nd Edition
402MimicAD&D 2nd Edition
403KoboldAD&D 2nd Edition
404JermlaineAD&D 2nd EditionRare-2
405MartelAD&D 2nd Edition
406GruendarAD&D 2nd Edition
407StaenorrAD&D 2nd Edition
410DarrickAD&D 2nd Edition
411Halvor IIForgotten Realms
412Verdantia, Green DragonDragonlanceRare-2
413GlorianaAD&D 2nd Edition
414GabrielForgotten Realms
415AmbroseForgotten Realms
416BarentForgotten Realms
417DuncanForgotten Realms
418ReginaldAD&D 2nd Edition
419KerethAD&D 2nd Edition
420Maelstrom, Red DragonDragonlance
421Stone of WeightAD&D 2nd Edition
422Ring of BlinkingAD&D 2nd Edition
423Oil of TimelessnessAD&D 2nd Edition
424Eversmoking BottleAD&D 2nd EditionRare-2
425Boots of Varied TracksAD&D 2nd Edition
426Oil of FumblingAD&D 2nd Edition
427Scroll of Protection from ColdAD&D 2nd Edition
428Talisman of Ultimate EvilAD&D 2nd Edition
429Octopus, GiantAD&D 2nd Edition
430BadgerAD&D 2nd Edition
431TrollAD&D 2nd Edition
432Shambling MoundAD&D 2nd Edition
433SatyrAD&D 2nd Edition
434Spider, GiantAD&D 2nd EditionRare-2
435AbolethAD&D 2nd Edition
436Air ElementalAD&D 2nd Edition
437Earth ElementalAD&D 2nd Edition
438Scroll of Protection from AcidAD&D 2nd Edition
439Potion of ClairaudienceAD&D 2nd Edition
440Ring of Djinni SummoningAD&D 2nd Edition
441Ring of InvisibilityAD&D 2nd Edition
442Potion of Extra-HealingAD&D 2nd Edition
443Scroll of Protection from PetrificationAD&D 2nd Edition
444Elixir of HealthAD&D 2nd Edition
445Scroll of Protection from PlantsAD&D 2nd Edition
446GorgosaurusForgotten Realms
447HyenaAD&D 2nd Edition
449Silvara, Silver DragonDragonlance
450TinuelAD&D 2nd Edition
451KendalAD&D 2nd Edition
452Oran FirehammerAD&D 2nd Edition
453QuintinAD&D 2nd Edition
455Huma's Silver DragonDragonlance
456Seiroku AshidaForgotten RealmsRare-2
457Goblin SpiderForgotten Realms
458Ring of Shocking GraspAD&D 2nd Edition
459Ring of SustenanceAD&D 2nd Edition
460Scroll of Protection from WaterAD&D 2nd Edition
461PeregrineAD&D 2nd Edition
462AlleneAD&D 2nd Edition
463Rufus ThistlebeeAD&D 2nd Edition
464TobiasAD&D 2nd Edition
465BarracudaAD&D 2nd Edition
466BuletteAD&D 2nd EditionRare-2
467Carrion CrawlerAD&D 2nd Edition
468CatoblepasAD&D 2nd Edition
469ChimeraAD&D 2nd Edition
470AxebeakAD&D 2nd Edition
471TriceratopsAD&D 2nd Edition
472DryadAD&D 2nd Edition
473EttercapAD&D 2nd Edition
474GhostAD&D 2nd Edition
475Galeb DuhrAD&D 2nd Edition
476GoblinAD&D 2nd Edition
477Sea HagAD&D 2nd Edition
478Matron Grazia DrodeenForgotten Realms
479Alodia DrodeenForgotten Realms
480Mind FlayerForgotten Realms
481Gabrielle Aderre, Lord of InvidiaRavenloft
482Azalin, Lord of DarkonRavenloft
483Vlad Drakov, Lord of FalkovniaRavenloft
484Lord Wilfred Godefroy, Ghost Lord of MordentRavenloft
485Hazlik, Lord of HazlanRavenloft
486Harkon Lukas, Lord of KartakassRavenloft
487Frantisek Markov, Lord of MarkoviaRavenloft
488Yagno Petrovna, Lord of G'hennaRavenloft
489Strahd Von Zarovich, Lord of BaroviaRavenloft
490JovenaAD&D 2nd Edition
491GerrittAD&D 2nd Edition
492WilhelmAD&D 2nd Edition
493TheodoricAD&D 2nd EditionRare-2
495Checklist 10: 378–417AD&D 2nd Edition
496Checklist 11: 418–457AD&D 2nd Edition
497Checklist 12: 458–497AD&D 2nd Edition
498Rod of BeguilingAD&D 2nd Edition
499Wand of Earth and StoneAD&D 2nd Edition
500Wand of Magic DetectionAD&D 2nd Edition
501Wand of NegationAD&D 2nd Edition
502Amulet of Proof Against Detection and LocationAD&D 2nd Edition
503Boots of ElvenkindAD&D 2nd Edition
504Drums of DeafeningAD&D 2nd Edition
505Eyes of CharmingAD&D 2nd Edition
506Umber HulkAD&D 2nd Edition
507Displacer BeastAD&D 2nd Edition
508CamelAD&D 2nd Edition
509CatAD&D 2nd Edition
510HorseAD&D 2nd Edition
511Ape, CarnivorousAD&D 2nd Edition
512MargoyleAD&D 2nd EditionRare-2
513Bat, GiantAD&D 2nd Edition
514LorinAD&D 2nd Edition
515MarithAD&D 2nd Edition
516NilesAD&D 2nd Edition
517Intellect Devourer, AdultForgotten RealmsRare-2
518Hasan BaluAD&D 2nd Edition
519Noble DjinniForgotten Realms
520Quiornim, Gold DragonForgotten Realms
521CharlesAD&D 2nd Edition
522VanceAD&D 2nd Edition
523GershomForgotten RealmsRare-2
524Eyes of the EagleAD&D 2nd Edition
525Girdle of Giant StrengthAD&D 2nd Edition
526Harp of DiscordAD&D 2nd Edition
527Hat of StupidityAD&D 2nd Edition
528Horn of BubblesAD&D 2nd Edition
529Incense of ObsessionAD&D 2nd Edition
530Libram of Silver MagicAD&D 2nd Edition
531Potion of DelusionAD&D 2nd Edition
532Vampiric MistGreyhawk
533Blood Sea ImpDragonlance
534Yeth HoundGreyhawk
537Sabrita, Shadow DragonGreyhawk
539Crypt ThingGreyhawk
540Elixir of MadnessAD&D 2nd Edition
541Oil of DisenchantmentAD&D 2nd EditionRare-2
542Philter of Stammering and StutteringAD&D 2nd Edition
543Potion of Sweet WaterAD&D 2nd Edition
544Ring of DelusionAD&D 2nd Edition
545Ring of Human InfluenceAD&D 2nd EditionRare-2
546Ring of Mammal ControlAD&D 2nd Edition
547Ring of Mind ShieldingAD&D 2nd Edition
553Neogi MindspiderSpelljammer
554Neogi DeathspiderSpelljammer
556Squid ShipSpelljammer
557LanderForgotten Realms
558KoreshForgotten Realms
559SwendiForgotten Realms
560JosephForgotten Realms
561PteranodonForgotten Realms
562CairnAD&D 2nd Edition
563IreisalAD&D 2nd EditionRare-2
564GhoulAD&D 2nd Edition
565Sim PiangForgotten Realms
566Ring of X-Ray VisionAD&D 2nd Edition
567Scroll of Protection from Dragon BreathAD&D 2nd Edition
568Scroll of Protection from ElectricityAD&D 2nd Edition
569Scroll of Protection from ElementalsAD&D 2nd Edition
570Scroll of Protection from FireAD&D 2nd Edition
571Scroll of Protection from GasAD&D 2nd Edition
573KappaForgotten Realms
574Hook HorrorGreyhawk
575Fire ElementalAD&D 2nd Edition
576Water ElementalAD&D 2nd Edition
577Gelatinous CubeAD&D 2nd Edition
578Green SlimeAD&D 2nd Edition
579PiercerAD&D 2nd Edition
580RoperAD&D 2nd Edition
581Rust MonsterAD&D 2nd Edition
582TreantAD&D 2nd Edition
583XornAD&D 2nd Edition
584Yuan-tiAD&D 2nd Edition
585YetiAD&D 2nd Edition
586Kaz the MinotaurDragonlance
587LeofricAD&D 2nd EditionRare-2
588VolitaAD&D 2nd Edition
589Garic StonefootAD&D 2nd Edition
590RomneyAD&D 2nd Edition
591StriblingAD&D 2nd Edition
592KeltonAD&D 2nd Edition
593HaldenAD&D 2nd Edition
594OliviaAD&D 2nd Edition
595Nameless Priest of ZardAD&D 2nd Edition
596Emerald, Green DragonAD&D 2nd Edition
597AverillAD&D 2nd Edition
598Guntar GriswoldAD&D 2nd Edition
599HubadaiForgotten Realms
600ElminsterForgotten Realms
601RugaAD&D 2nd Edition
603WinslowAD&D 2nd Edition
604SelimForgotten Realms
605DarbeeAD&D 2nd Edition
606CarcavulpAD&D 2nd Edition
607Worden IronfistForgotten Realms
608Vasos FlameslayerForgotten Realms
609Udall GranitecrusherForgotten Realms
610Tibold HillmoverForgotten Realms
612Rat, CommonAD&D 2nd Edition
613CurcioAD&D 2nd Edition
614UthgarForgotten RealmsRare-2
615Checklist 13: 498–537AD&D 2nd Edition
616Checklist 14: 538–577AD&D 2nd Edition
617Checklist 15: 578–617AD&D 2nd Edition
618Frog, GiantAD&D 2nd Edition
619PixieAD&D 2nd Edition
620Iron GolemAD&D 2nd EditionRare-1
621StirgeAD&D 2nd Edition
622AsperiiForgotten Realms
623BrownieAD&D 2nd Edition
624CouatlAD&D 2nd Edition
625DarkenbeastForgotten Realms
626BrontosaurusForgotten Realms
627IguanodonForgotten Realms
628Rod of RulershipAD&D 2nd EditionRare-1
629Wand of LightningAD&D 2nd Edition
630Wand of Magic MissilesAD&D 2nd Edition
631Wand of ParalyzationAD&D 2nd Edition
632Horn of Goodness / EvilAD&D 2nd Edition
633Manual of Quickness of ActionAD&D 2nd Edition
634Maul of the TitansAD&D 2nd Edition
635Murlynd's SpoonAD&D 2nd Edition
636Pearl of the SirinesAD&D 2nd Edition
637Pipes of SoundingAD&D 2nd Edition
638DoppelgangerAD&D 2nd Edition
639Eagle, GiantAD&D 2nd Edition
640ShriekerAD&D 2nd Edition
641Cloud GiantAD&D 2nd Edition
642KorredAD&D 2nd Edition
643TrapperAD&D 2nd Edition
644WeretigerAD&D 2nd Edition
645Priest of Milil (Lord of All Songs)Forgotten Realms
646Priest of Lathander (Morninglord)Forgotten Realms
647Priest of Torm (The True)Forgotten Realms
648Priest of Waukeen (Merchant's Friend)Forgotten Realms
649Priest of Gond (Wonderbringer)Forgotten Realms
650Priest of Silvanus (Oak Father)Forgotten Realms
651Priest of Mask (Lord of Shadows)Forgotten Realms
652Priest of Talona (Lady of Poison)Forgotten Realms
653Priest of Malar (The Beastlord)Forgotten Realms
654King Azoun IVForgotten RealmsRare-1
655Princess AlusairForgotten Realms
656Torg mac Cei, Ironlord of EarthfastForgotten Realms
657Dwarf of EarthfastForgotten Realms
658Emperor Kai Tsao Shou ChinForgotten Realms
659Batu Min HoForgotten RealmsRare-1
660Lady Batu Hsuang WuForgotten Realms
661Mandarin Ting Mei WanForgotten Realms
662NymphForgotten Realms
663Black PuddingForgotten Realms
664Dun PuddingForgotten Realms
665Giant SharkAD&D 2nd Edition
666Slithering TrackerAD&D 2nd Edition
667SpriteAD&D 2nd Edition
668Living WebForgotten RealmsRare-1
669WraithAD&D 2nd Edition
670Rope of ClimbingAD&D 2nd Edition
671Scarab of Enraging EnemiesAD&D 2nd Edition
672Scarab of InsanityAD&D 2nd Edition
673Wind FanAD&D 2nd Edition
674Rug of SmotheringAD&D 2nd Edition
675Potion of DiminutionAD&D 2nd EditionRare-1
676Elixir of YouthAD&D 2nd Edition
677Philter of GlibnessAD&D 2nd Edition
678Neirgral, Green DragonAD&D 2nd Edition
679Maison ThorvaldAD&D 2nd EditionRare-1
680Eleazar Clyde, VampireRavenloft
681KienanAD&D 2nd Edition
682OoragForgotten Realms
683AeriellForgotten Realms
684The MagisterForgotten Realms
685Takhisis, Queen of Darkness, Dragonqueen, She of Many FacesDragonlance
686FirestarForgotten Realms
687GnollAD&D 2nd Edition
688MermanAD&D 2nd Edition
689MyconidAD&D 2nd Edition
690Topaz, Yellow DragonForgotten Realms
691Turqual, Blue DragonDragonlance
692Paladine, Fizban the Fabulous, Father of Good and Master of the LawDragonlance
693Lord GuntharDragonlance
694Giltarald, Gold DragonDragonlance
696OkumaForgotten Realms
697ToragaForgotten Realms
698Min LangForgotten Realms
701Theros IronfeldDragonlance
702Potion of Rainbow HuesAD&D 2nd Edition
703Potion of VitalityAD&D 2nd Edition
704Ring of Free ActionAD&D 2nd Edition
705Ring of JumpingAD&D 2nd Edition
706Ring of SwimmingAD&D 2nd Edition
707Ring of WarmthAD&D 2nd Edition
708Ring of Water WalkingAD&D 2nd Edition
710Lord Soth, DeathknightDragonlanceRare-1
711Scroll of Protection from LycanthropesAD&D 2nd Edition
712Scroll of Protection from PoisonAD&D 2nd Edition
713Scroll of Protection from UndeadAD&D 2nd Edition
714Scroll of Protection from PossessionAD&D 2nd Edition
715Scroll, CursedAD&D 2nd Edition
716Trooper Herphan GomjaSpelljammer
717Captain Hemar, Captain of the Trader PenumbraSpelljammer
718Teldin MooreSpelljammer
719Pheragas of Northern ErgothDragonlance
720Kiiri of the SirinesDragonlance
721The Red MinotaurDragonlance
722PegataurAD&D 2nd EditionRare-1
724HalloranForgotten Realms
725Erixitl of PalulForgotten Realms
726Captain DaggrandeForgotten Realms
727AmerigoForgotten Realms
728Gultec, Captain of JaguarsForgotten RealmsRare-1
729Qotal, the Plumed OneForgotten Realms
730Takto and LoktilForgotten Realms
731DarienForgotten Realms
732Bishou DomincusForgotten Realms
733LactunForgotten Realms
734ZoconForgotten Realms
735Checklist 16: 618–657AD&D 2nd Edition
736Checklist 17: 658–697AD&D 2nd Edition
737Checklist 18: 698–737AD&D 2nd Edition
738ArialanaAD&D 2nd EditionPromo only
739BelgoraAD&D 2nd EditionPromo only
740Sword of Life StealingAD&D 2nd EditionPromo only
741DomarlynnasAD&D 2nd EditionPromo only
742KyrrollaAD&D 2nd EditionPromo only
743CytulliarAD&D 2nd EditionPromo only
744Poliamus AzarAD&D 2nd EditionPromo only
745ZerrannonAD&D 2nd EditionPromo only
746NeevaDark SunPromo only
747FallonAD&D 2nd EditionFactory set only
748IndirionAD&D 2nd EditionFactory set only
749BaloreikForgotten RealmsFactory set only
750Gort Ta'alenForgotten RealmsFactory set only
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